McKenna Seeks Assistance of DPW in Abandoned Shopping Carts Matter

Stating that shopping carts being taken from supermarkets and other stores and being abandoned on city streets “are becoming a blight to our community,” Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna is reaching out to the DPW to help alleviate the situation.

“I don’t know what happened in the last month or so because of COVID-19 lifting the restriction, but there’s shopping carts everywhere,” said McKenna. “I just had 35 carts picked up in the last three weeks in Beachmont. It’s just out of control.

“So I’m just asking that DPW – if they’re driving by and they see a cart, just pick it up, don’t get the request from 311 first before you pick it up, just pick it up,” added the councillor.

McKenna said that the City should hold local stores more accountable for their property (the shopping carts).

“This is litter and it is littering our city,” said McKenna. “I just don’t understand that when you call them and say can you pick it up at so-and-so address and they never come down.”

McKenna told her City Council colleagues that shopping carts cost approximately $350 apiece. “It’s just out of control right now and I just want something to happen immediately before it’s just crazy.”

McKenna’s motion seeking the assistance of the DPW in the abandoned shopping carts matter received the unanimous support of the Council at its meeting Monday.

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