Guinasso Wants Coyote Situation Addressed in Rear of Lincoln School

Saying the area behind the Lincoln School is a habitat for coyotes and raccoons, Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso wants the DPW to remove the tall grass, weeds, and dead trees at that location in the interest of public safety.

“This is quite annoying based on the fact that this property abuts the Lincoln School where the schoolchildren play in that new playground that I helped build a couple of years ago and we named it after my dear friend, [former Revere Mayor] Bob Haas,” said Guinasso.

The councillor said a High Street resident informed him more than a month ago that there was a raccoon set to deliver baby raccoons.

“These raccoons, by the way, traverse throughout the neighborhood,” said Guinasso. “I’ve been in touch with the DPW for weeks trying to work out a resolution to this.”

Guinasso said the process to remove the grass weeds, and trees is “cost-prohibitive – it costs a lot of money. We [The Council] authorized $8 million and more this evening. I can’t believe how the neighborhood and the Lincoln School isn’t outraged by the fear that every child is being put in jeopardy utilizing that playground. This is dangerous. You’re talking coyotes and raccoons.”

Guinasso added that “the coyotes come in groups and the raccoons are very protective and they can do serious damage, especially to young children.”

He then requested the funding to address the problem be granted “immediately and properly.” “Because those people are outraged and I don’t blame them. I don’t care how it gets paid, but I do care how it gets done and it has to be done ASAP. I’m sick and tired of waiting for projects in Ward 3.”

Council President Anthony Zambuto said his own High Street neighborhood has “a coyote problem and a raccoon problem and it’s really troubling.”

“We’ve been trying to reach out to the wildlife people to come and remove a den. There’s a den on Cushman Terrace and the coyotes travel up to High Street and they walk like they own the place,” said Zambuto.

The Council unanimously approved Guinasso’s motion that asks Mayor Brian Arrigo to request the DPW to remove the grass, weeds, and dead trees in the rear of the Lincoln School.

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