Man, United: Baris Berk’s Local Real Estate Firm Was No. 1 Sales in Revere in 2020

Baris Berk, owner and president of United Brokers, guided his firm to the top of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in sales in Revere during 2020, a historic year when the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically affected businesses everywhere.

Berk said his real estate agents maintained a positive outlook and stayed true to the firm’s philosophy of having a strong work ethic amidst the health crisis that struck hard against the Revere community.

“We worked hard. We never stopped. We approached our clients through Zoom, online, and by phones and we conducted virtual tours of the homes,” said Berk. “And we were able to market the homes and attract some buyers with the CDC guidelines and able to sell. We were very bold in our decisions, but we took safety measures for us and our clients.”

Berk oversees a staff of 50 agents that work out of the company’s spacious offices at 283 Cushman Ave. Last winter, his firm was holding comprehensive training sessions before the pandemic hit.

“In the third week of our nine-week training program, we transferred the entire program to Zoom,” recalled Berk. “We continued to have staff meetings every week on the Zoom platform. We kept our agents motivated instead of focusing on the negative impacts of the pandemic.”

Berk said his firm’s high number of home sales are a reflection that Revere is a much sought-after community in which people want to live and enroll their children in an outstanding school district. He credited Mayor Brian Arrigo for his stellar leadership of the city.

“Revere is an awesome, beautiful city that is close to Boston and the airport,” said Berk. “Mayor Arrigo has encouraged a lot of new development and the feeling in this region is that Revere is booming and it’s attracting professionals who are moving here from downtown Boston. Thanks to our mayor, Revere is a vibrant city with a bright future.

“The city offers a lot more to people. Revere Beach is here. The (MBTA) trains are here. And the schools (led by Supt. Dr. Dianne Kelly) have a much-deserved reputation for being excellent at all levels,” concluded Berk.

United Brokers’ main focus is on single-family home sales with some work on commercial and rental properties.

Berk, who grew up in Turkey and emigrated to the United States in 1998, is in his 20th year in the field of real estate. He is proud of his firm’s growth and the warmth in which Revere residents have welcomed its presence in the city.

“I never take things for granted,” said Berk. “Our firm has to better today than yesterday. I never look back. If we do make any mistakes, we learn from them. And I don’t compete with anybody but myself.”

Berk hopes that his work ethic and his realization of the American Dream inspires others.

He intends to be a part of the Revere business community for many years to come. “Buying this location (on Cushman Avenue) is one of my milestones,” said Berk, who lives in Revere with his wife, Diana Ochoa-Berk and their son, Sebastian, a high school student.

Berk added that people seeking careers in real estate are welcome to contact him at his offices. “We are looking for people who believe in our core values and have the integrity, work ethic, and self-confidence,” said Berk. “We hire people not for who they are, but who they can become.”

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