Rotondo Seeks Official City Historian Position

Councilor-at-Large George Rotondo wants the city and Mayor Brian Arrigo to look into the feasibility of providing funding through a grant for an official city historian position.

“I think it would be great to illustrate where we were as a community, how we became, the struggles that we went through, and where we’re going,” said Rotondo. “We have a museum in the City of Revere and now an Art Commission. What better way to augment these particular institutions than with a city historian.”

Councilor-at-Large Steven Morabito supported the proposal. “I believe a position such as a city historian is imperative to keep our history relevant,” said Morabito. “There’s much history about our city and so much for many to learn, including myself. I think a point person as a city historian would be great for preserving the history of the City of Revere. Kudos to my colleague for bringing up this motion.”

The Council voted unanimously in favor of Rotondo’s motion.

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