Perno Elected Vice-Chair of Commission on Disabilities

The Revere Commission on Disabilities (COD) elected long-time member Pauline Perno as its new vice-chairperson at the commission’s meeting on March 9.

In other business, the commissioners asked the city’s motor vehicle owners not to park their vehicles in their driveways such that they are overhanging the city’s sidewalks, but to pull their vehicles all the way into their driveways.

Parking in this manner creates a safety hazard for all pedestrians and especially for those with disabilities.

Perno related how she was walking her dog around her neighborhood and had to navigate a small obstacle course because some cars were not parked fully in their driveways.

Chairman Ralph DeCicco agreed with Perno’s comments.

“It is illegal to park this way even if you are sitting in the car,” said DeCicco. “A visually-impaired resident walking on the sidewalk cannot see a car sticking out.”

“This is especially bad at night, as lighting is an issue,” added Commissioner Jason Barone.

The tentative date for Autism Awareness Day has been set for April 2.  Revere Parks and Recreation will be holding activities throughout the month during Autism Awareness Month.

The commissioners have been lobbying for grants and funding to get as many students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) back to school as soon as possible. They also have raised the issue of summer school classes for students on IEPs.

In closing, the commissioners reminded residents that because of COVID-19 restrictions and the need to ensure the safety of all residents, the Commission on Disabilities is trying to limit in-person appointments because of the unavailability and use of its present office location.

Residents can speak to staff from the commission’s 311 Constituent Service Center Monday through Friday by calling the office at 781-286-8267. Staff will be able to answer most questions, but if they are unable to do so, or if a resident would like a call back from the office, they should ask to be transferred to the disability office’s voicemail and someone will get back to them as soon possible.

The commissioners noted that they are working on solidifying another temporary location for the commission’s office for necessary in-person appointments as determined by the COD on Friday mornings. 

The commission will update this information when available on the City of Revere’s Commission on Disabilities web page.

As always, the commission invites all residents to please let the commission know if they would like something discussed or brought up and added to the monthly meeting agenda. Residents also can let the commission know if they would like to speak on any issue or concern. The commission is here to help and assist all of the disabled residents and families of Revere.

The commission’s next meeting (via Zoom) will be held on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, at 6:00 p.m.

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