Veteran and City Councilor John Hurley to Be Honored With Memorial Pole

The City Council approved a motion by Councilor-at-Large Jessica Giannino to install a veteran’s memorial pole in the city in honor of the late John Hurley, a U.S. Army Corporal who served during the Korean War.

Prior to her motion, Giannino had offered a Resolution of Condolence for Mr. Hurley, who was also a former Revere city councilor. Mr. Hurley died on March 2.

“John Hurley not only served the city of Revere as a city councilor for 11 years, but he dedicated his life to the city of Revere,” said Giannino. “He worked for the Revere public school system for his entire life. He raised his family in the city of Revere. He was a veteran from the city of Revere. But more importantly to me on a personal note – he was a dear friend. He was a friend of my grandparents for my entire life and I grew up with them and Ginny as a part of my life.

“They really are just the best people you can ever imagine to meet. John was one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever known. He was so quick with numbers and just such a brilliant person. He will be truly be missed and there’s truly a void not only in the city of Revere but in the City Council and our family as city councilors. It’s a very small group and anytime there’s a loss, it means a great deal to us.”

The Council observed a moment of silence in memory of Mr. Hurley.

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