RPS to Return to In-Person Learning March 8

When Revere Public School (RPS) Committee member Anthony D’Ambrosio read the motion Monday that paved the way for RPS students to start returning back to school it was music to the ears of parents and students. RPS students have been learning remotely since the COVID-19 pandemic hit last March and have been eager to return to school.

The School Committee members unanimously accepted the proposed schedule as negotiated between the School Committee and the Revere Teachers Association Associated that a phased return to school for students will begin the week of March 8.

“With the hybrid learning and teaching model families will have the option to allow their children to continue to attend classes in their mode model or transition to the hybrid model,” said D’Ambrosio reading the motion.

The week of March 1 will be professional development for all educators and on March 4 and March 5 classes will not be held for students.

However, the week of March 8 students in life skills programs, including students and sub-separate Autism Spectrum Disorder programs will return to school buildings.

“These students shall attend the class “in-building” every day that there is “in-building” instruction,” read D’Ambrosio. “The week of March 15 students in small learning group classes shall return to the buildings. These students shall attend “in-building” class every day that there is “in-building” instruction.”

The week of March, 22 approximately half of the students in early childhood through grade 12 will begin to return to the buildings for in-person learning.

“These students shall attend class “in-building” (learning) every other week depending on their cohort placement,” said D’Ambrosio. “The week of March 29 the remaining, approximately half of the students in early childhood through grade 12, shall begin to return to the buildings.”

These students will attend class in person every other week depending on their cohort placement.

“We’ve been working for months to give our students the opportunity to get back in their classrooms, and it feels great to be able to deliver this news to all the families who have been waiting a long time for some relief from the challenges that have come with this extended period of remote learning,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo in statement after the vote. “On behalf of the Revere School Committee, I want to thank Dr. Kelly and her team, and the many members of our school community who have contributed to our efforts that have brought us to this point.”

Over the summer of 2020, more than 120 community members came together to provide input for a reopening plan for Revere Public Schools, which has served as the foundation for the plan approved today while adapting to the latest guidance from public health officials and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 

Beginning on March 1, athletic programming will also resume and extracurricular activities will follow.

“We know that people have many questions and our team is working on them collaboratively with our teachers during impact bargaining,” said RPS Superintendent Dr. Dianne Kelly. “Despite our desire to share more information, we can’t just yet, and we will be sharing new details as soon as we’re able. I’m thrilled that we have made this progress and parents will now have the opportunity to do what is best for their children – whether that is hybrid in-person learning or full remote.  We are confident that the safety measures we have in place will support as smooth a transition as possible but we also realize that change brings challenges and we will fine tune procedures as we move forward. This is why we are focused on a gradual return.”

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