Letter to the Editor

“Can’t Do That”

Dear Editor,

I am writing to try to help our “Younger Generation” to understand “The Elderly.” Soon it will be a year since this deadly virus ravaged our lives. My wife and I were regularly going to the community center gym. Now, “Can’t Do That” – A visit to the Casino – Now, “Can’t Do That” – Go see a movie at the Revere cinema – Now, “Can’t Do That” – To dinner with friends – Now, “Can’t Do That” – Hug your kids/grandkids – Now, “Can’t Do That”…

I don’t believe that I have to go on any further. Everyone has been through these situations. However, talk wit h your Dad/Mom, Grandparents, Aunt or Uncle or Elderly Friend and ask them how they feel. Perhaps, I’m different. I just lost ONE year of whatever time remaining (80+ and counting). I’ve had the personal experience of family members being affected by both aspects of the virus – physically/mentally (thankfully recovered). I read and see the daily reports in the media – 1,000’s infected; 1000’s dead! I am aware that the average age of those dying (80); those hospitalized (70+).

I guess what I’m attempting to explain is that it is much harder to tell “The Elderly”, “Can’t Do That” due to the fact we have been “Doing it” for such a long time and don’t know how much longer that we can “Do it!” Hopefully, when the rightfully deserved first responders, health care workers, long term care facility residents, and us, “The Elderly”, and all others receive the vaccine, our lives will have some normalcy.

Once again, I do ask that Seniors/handicapped have provisions/accommodations available to them for testing. I read that there will be no time set aside at Pope John High School. All testing is to be done at the Recreation Center. Certainly, provisions/accommodations can be available inside for Seniors/handicapped. There already is at least one large bench inside. Chairs can be brought from the Armory – proper Social Distance to allow Seniors/handicapped to wait inside. My wife & sister-in-law twice had to wait outside in inclement weather for testing – “Can’t Do That”!!! Also, please when “The Elderly” are safely vaccinated allow “US” to go back to the gym, restaurants, and cinema – We “can do that”!

Thank you for listening to one of “The Elderly”. Stay in touch with “Us”. Visit/call Mom/Dad, Grandparents, Aunt/Uncle, Old Friend, Neighbor. Good health to all.


Bob Sansone

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