Recognizing Decades of Hard Work and Great Service: Council Honors Musto Family, Owner of China Roma

The City Council took a trip down memory lane Monday night, honoring Paul and RoseAnne Musto and their family for 65 years of ownership of the China Roma Restaurant and on the occasion of their retirement.

Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso, a long-time customer and friend of the Musto family, reminisced about his many visits to the popular restaurant located at Broadway.

“I go back to the days when Paul’s father, Larry, was owner and doing a great job – it was quite the ‘in’ place in those days,” said Guinasso. “Upstairs we had Ronnie Mottola with his orchestra and we had all kinds of activities. It was just a wonderful spot to go.

“But more importantly, what am I going to do, RoseAnne, on a Saturday night for my food order – you better stay in business because my family depends on you,” said Guinasso. “It’s a part of my home and my lifestyle because your food is absolutely excellent. We will miss you. You’ve carried on the Musto tradition and you did it with class. We all appreciate the hard work that you did and the great product that you put out.”

Ward 5 Richard Serino read the official Certificate of Appreciation that will be presented to Paul and RoseAnne Musto.

“Although this is bad that we’re losing the Chinese restaurant, I’m happy that Paul and RoseAnne will be able to enjoy a well-deserved retirement,” said Serino, adding that a new Peruvian restaurant will be opening in that location on Broadway.

Councilor-at-Large Anthony Zambuto said that a lot of people are “very sad” about the closing of the China Roma. “I want to congratulate the Musto family on their retirement,” said Zambuto. “This is truly a Revere institution that is closing.”

Councilor-at-Large Steven Morabito said when he was a child, his parents would take the entire family to China Roma for holiday celebrations.

“You guys would take good care of us,” recalled Morabito. “As an adult, I still walk down Suffolk Avenue and I grab my 10 egg rolls that I get from you because you have the best egg rolls in town. I wish you nothing but success.”

Paul Musto thanked the Council for the honor.

“We appreciate the honor you’re bestowing upon us,” said Musto. “Anthony [Zambuto], thank you. Ricky [Serino], you’re the best. Steven [Morabito], keep coming for the egg rolls, we’re still open.

“We appreciate all the customers that came here over the years and all our past employees,” continued Musto. “My granddaughters have been working with me recently and they’re doing a great job. Thank you very much.”

City Council Patrick Keefe told Musto that his great aunt worked at China Roma for many years. “You run a good business over there and you’ve employed a lot of great people over the years – you should be proud of what you’ve done,” said Keefe.

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