Council Approves Shaikh Appointment to Cultural Council

The City Council unanimously approved Mayor Brian Arrigo’s appointment of Farah Shaikh to the Revere Cultural Council at Monday’s meeting.

Shaikh has been a Revere resident since 2007 and is the mother of two children.

“I’ve been on PTO since my children were in kindergarten,” said Shaikh. “I take a lot of pride in bringing my culture to Revere. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Keefe and his wife for the Whelan Elementary School. And my children and Mr. Visconti’s children have grown up together. It’s my chance to give back to the community and I would like to dedicate my time.”

Councilor-at-Large Gerry Visconti said Shaikh is very active in the community and does a great job helping the schools.

“I think she’ll be a valuable asset to the Cultural Council,” said Visconti. “I’m in favor of this appointment 100 percent.”

Council President Patrick Keefe also voiced his strong support of Shaikh’s appointment and asked that other residents consider serving on local boards. “We really appreciate you asking to be a part of the Cultural Council,” said Keefe.

Shaikh said she was unable to attend the Dec. 7 Appointments Subcommittee meeting when many local board appointees spoke via Zoom with Council members.

“I apologize that I couldn’t be at the last meeting – I had a fire in my house on Nov. 8 and I was dealing with a lot and had to be with the inspectors, but I would like to thank Mayor Arrigo and the City for helping me,” said Shaikh.

“I’m sorry for your inconvenience during that loss. I hope everything is well,” Appointments SubCommittee Chair Arthur Guinasso said to Shaikh.

“Thank you, everything is much better and we’re getting there,” said Shaikh.

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