Letter to the Editor

Thinking of My Friends This Election

Dear Editor,

As I’m sure you know, this election season has been stressful for just about everyone. My 12 year old daughter has taken many of the issues to heart, and in an effort to do something that matters in the midst of everything, she came up with this:

Even though I’m just in middle school, I know how important and complicated the 2020 presidential election is. All of that aside, I’ve had something else on my mind, and I am writing this letter to reach out to the poll workers at the Jack Satter House, my family’s polling place until the pandemic moved it.

First, I want to say that we missed going to the Jack Satter House to vote during the primary. Over the years, the people we’d see every election became familiar faces. I like saying hi to you, eating the snacks you have, and getting “I voted” stickers. You always do such a great job setting everything up, and my sister and I thank you for that. Your work also makes it easy and welcoming for my parents and neighbors to vote, and I’ve learned during this election season that not everyone has that kind of experience. I am grateful for all you do!

Second, I know the Satter House is a senior community and I can imagine how stressful and scary it has been for all of you over these long, lonely months. I understand why it is too risky to vote there right now. Please know that my family thinks of you all often and we wish you good health while we do all we can to avoid spreading the virus around the community. We hope we get to see you soon.

Finally, I want you to know that my sister and I  have followed our tradition of voting on our pretend ballots. I’m sure my mother will make extra-special ballots for the presidential election, and the people at the Turkish Cultural Center will definitely hear some giggles. We’ll think of you when we go to vote, and we can’t wait until we’re able to vote with you again!

Until then, may you all be safe, healthy, and happy to know that your littlest voters and friends have you in their hearts.

Nola Reynolds

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