Commission Addresses Councilors’ Off-Street Parking Issues

Proving that the devil is in the details, several city councilors appeared before the Revere Traffic Commission at the October 29 meeting asking that certain multi-family apartment buildings be given parking permits for the Overnight Parking Program that was started on October 15.

Ward 3 Councilor Arthur Guinasso asked that the commission modify the regulations on certain buildings with six or more dwellings to allow their residents to obtain parking permits. Under the current regulations, tenants in these buildings would not be granted on-street parking permits.

Guinasso noted that the buildings that he would like to see be exempted from the regulation were built before the year 2000, and many tenants have no place to park except on the neighboring streets.  He noted that two buildings in his ward, Village Court Condominiums and Friendly Gardens, were built before 2000.  “Tenants in these buildings have no place to park. There are not enough parking spots to accommodate all the tenants. As a city, if we can help we should,” he said. Presently, many tenants at Friendly Gardens have to park on Revere Street or Waite Street or in St. Anthony’s parking lot, and under the new overnight program they could face nightly parking tickets.

He noted these buildings were built before the city required the number of off-street parking spots to correlate with the number of units. Guinasso further went on to say that there are buildings like Rumney Marsh that should not be included in the list of exemptions, because it was constructed only two years ago and should have enough off-street parking spots.

“I concur with (Councilor) Guinasso,“  Ward 5 Councilor John Powers said. He pointed out that 1129 North Shore Road was built more than 50 years ago and no one has ever received a ticket until now.

Ward 1 Councilor Joanne McKenna asked that certain buildings in her ward, such as 77 Bennington Street and 145 Bennington Street, as well as 45 Atlantic Ave., be added to the list to have tenants receive overnight street parking stickers. McKenna also pointed out that many single family homes that are on state roads such as Winthrop Parkway and the Lynnway should be granted stickers to park on adjoining city streets.

Ward 2 Councilor Ira Novoselsky also had a list of buildings to be added, including 41 Highland Ave., 525 Beach St., and 120 Walnut St.

“Many people have two cars, so there is a need to expand the relief,” said Novoselsky.

Resident Elizabeth Kowalski of Village Court noted that many residents have two cars and their needs should be addressed. “Right now, we have 76 spaces for 75 units, so we have a need,” she said.

“These and other buildings should be added to a list to be discussed at a public hearing at the November 30 meeting,” said Traffic Commission Chairman Paul Argenzio.

James Rose, the city’s Parking Director, noted that the first tickets that will be given out will only be warnings.

The commissioners, noting that time is of the essence, then voted to move the matter to a public hearing on November 30.

The commission also approved plans from Rose to place parking meters in the Central Ave. lot that is off Broadway. The lot currently has 85 parking spaces and will be partitioned as  follows:

• 56 two-hour meter spaces;

• 18 business-permit spaces; and

• 11 spaces earmarked for seniors who are using the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center.

The meters will be at fifty cents an hour for a maximum of  two hours. Area residents can park in the lot at no charge during designated hours.  The business spots would be charged at $100 per year. During a snow emergency, the lot would default to emergency parking so residents have a place to put their cars off the streets. The motion was moved to a public hearing.

In other matters, the commission moved to have three spots on Ford Street by the Turkish Cultural Center be made into metered spaces from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It was noted that these parking spaces would not impact the residents of the area and the motion was approved.

With regard to a request for a public hearing from the Point of Pines Yacht Club to have its members be able to park along their property, Councillor Powers said, “This motion should be tabled and we should hear from the residents who have some complaints.”

After both Police Chief Dave Callahan and Fire Chief Chris Bright expressed public safety issues with the additional on-street parking, the commission tabled the motion.

The commission also heard a request from McKenna for the installation of No Parking signs on both sides of Ocean Pier Ave.

The Ward 1 Councilor noted that during this past summer, with parking restricted on the beach, cars were parked on both sides of the street. McKenna also pointed out that Ocean Pier Ave. is a narrow street. The motion was passed by the commission.

Commissioners approved three handicapped parking signs for 20 Hauman St., 202 Constitution Ave., 560 Revere St., while a motion to deny a handicap sign at 22 Burnett Rd. was upheld because the house has a very wide handicapped-accessible driveway. The request did not meet the criteria for a handicapped sign and the motion to deny was passed.

The commission also heard a request from Novoselsky for No Parking Anytime signs to be installed on the westerly side of Walnut Ave. from Kimball Ave. to the dead end. Novoselsky noted that with the wider sidewalks, there is no room for two-sided parking. The commissioners approved the motion.

Some of the requests that are headed to public hearing on November 30 include:

A request from Novoselsky to have a Loading Zone sign be posted at 1 Orr Square. Novoselsky noted that because of the wider sidewalks and the bump- outs, unloading trucks presently impede the traffic flow as they need to park more in the street while unloading.

Novoselsky also is seeking a stop sign on Standish Road for eastbound traffic at Curtis Rd.

Councilor Patrick Keefe requested parking restriction signs at the old McKinley School be removed. Argenzio said that the McKinley is abandoned and the need for the signs does not exist.

Lastly, Ward 6 Councilor Richard Serino is seeking to designate no parking on one side of Brookline St.

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