An Interview With Democratic Nominee for State Rep. Jessica Giannino

This week the Revere Journal conducted an interview with Councillor-at-Large Jessica Giannino, who was victorious in the State Representative Democratic Primary held Sept. 1.

As a result of her impressive victory in the Primary and with no Republican opponent on the Nov. 3 ballot, that win on Sept. 1 was tantamount to being the next state representative in the 16th Suffolk District that includes Revere, Chelsea, and Saugus.

Giannino would be inaugurated in January, succeeding current State Rep. RoseLee Vincent, who has commendably served her constituents since 2014.

The Journal asked Councillor Giannino about her continuing campaign for state representative, the issues and legislation she will bring forward as state representative, and her motion to enact a one-year candidate residency measure for Revere city elections.

Giannino believes candidates for elected city positions should live in the city for at least one year before they can run for office. The measure received the support of her fellow councillors, but there was some dissenting opinions raised by residents about the ward councillor aspect of her proposal, citing the possibility of re-districting as a result of the 2020 U.S. Census. It is expected that both Revere and Chelsea will see an increase in population as determined by the U.S. Census.

Following are Councillor Jessica Giannino’s responses to our interview questions:

1. Are you connecting with voters leading up to the Nov. 3 election?

Yes, since my victory in the September primary I’ve continued my efforts on the campaign trail by connecting with voters; both those that I have the pleasure of knowing, and those who may have not heard directly from me yet and I will continue to do so for the next three weeks. We have been doing standouts weekly as well as continuing to engage through social media. 

2. Are you beginning to consider what issues or legislation you will be supporting or presenting when you take office in January?

Yes I certainly am. Some of my biggest issues include education, the environment and public safety, all which have been greatly affected by the pandemic. I recently joined hundreds of signatories to urge the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide Latinos with equal access to technology and connectivity. Unfortunately, the new norm comes along with a whole new array of issues that will need to be addressed.

3. Will you be speaking at the subcommittee meeting when they talk about your candidate one-year residency requirement motion?

Yes. I am looking forward to discussing this in subcommittee. 

4. Were you surprised by some dissenting opinions about the ward residency aspect of your motion?

As an elected official, I’m never surprised by someone disagreeing with me. What I am concerned about is the feedback I get from my constituents, who are overwhelmingly in favor of this motion. This was not set forth to discriminate against those affected by potential redistricting. With the changing climate and new economic and development opportunities being presented to Revere, it is important that residents feel secure in their governing body. This motion will help to ensure that.

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