Council Sends Folsom Street/Broadway Parking Issue to Traffic Commission

The City Council has referred Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso’s motion about a parking issue on the corner of Folsom Street and Broadway to the Revere Traffic Commission.

Guinasso sought to install “No Parking Here To Corner” signs at the corners of Broadway and on Broadway at the corners of Folsom Street.

“It’s an incident where people on Folsom Street try to leave Folson Street and they can’t see – their visibility is cut down completely because cars are parking right to the corner,” said Guinasso.

Joseph Gulla, owner of the property at 843 Broadway, said he opposed the measure

“There is a restaurant there that is licensed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and right now with the restaurant business at it is, it’s hard enough for anybody to open up a restaurant, so any parking that will be taking away from us – this has never been a problem until tonight so I oppose it.”

Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky said it is state law that vehicles cannot be parked within 20 feet of an intersection.

Attorney Jay Satin, representing Mr. Gulla, spoke against the request.

“Currently there are three businesses ongoing in that location and Mr. Gulla has owned that property for 37 years,” said Satin, adding that his client had not been informed about the matter being on the Council’s agenda. “It is very curious that he never was notified.”

Satin said there is limited parking for businesses in the area and the measure would eliminate four parking spots.

Noting Novoselsky’s point, Satin said, “I understand what Councillor Novoselsky is saying that it’s a state law. Yet I have not seen any other corners or any other streets designated by the City Council to restrict parking at those corners – only at Mr. Gulla’s corner.”

The Council voted unanimously to refer the request to the Traffic Commission.

“It would be up to the Traffic Commission and Mayor Arrigo’s Office to act on it,” explained Council President Patrick Keefe.

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