Food Security Grant Applications Now Available

The Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs (EOEEA) is accepting online applications for The Food Security Infrastructure Grant Program (FSIG) on a rolling basis now through September 15.

The goal of the Food Security Infrastructure Grant Program is to ensure that individuals and families throughout the Commonwealth have access to food, with a special focus on food that is produced locally. The Program also seeks to ensure that farmers, fisherman, and other local food producers are better connected to a strong, resilient food system to help mitigate future food supply and distribution disruption. Participants selected to participate in the Program will be provided with reimbursement grants broken into three funding categories:  $0 to $10,000; $10,000 to $75,000; or $75,000 to $500,000.

Eligible projects include: (i) information technology needs; (ii) facility adaptation to new safety guidelines; (iii) storage, processing, and delivery equipment, and (iv) other strategies that connect local food production with food insecure communities and residents.  Project categories are broken into three funding sections.

Examples of eligible projects for agricultural operations include:

 • Signage & Handwashing Stations

• Equipment for Remote Ordering & Payment

• Food Storage, Processing, and Delivery Equipment

• Food Safety Equipment (i.e. coolers and thermometers)

• Food Processing, Washing & Packing, and/or Cleaning & Sanitation Equipment

• Season Extension (i.e. greenhouses, cold storage)

• Food Processing Facilities

• Distribution Vehicles

• Infrastructure

 For more information, or to submit an online application, go to: Please refer to the Request for Response (RFR) available on this website for full Program details.  To apply online please review the RFR and then click on the ‘Food Security Application Questions’ to submit your application.

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