Easy Pie to Host Drive-In Movie Night, Coming to America, Sunday

There will be a drive-in movie night Sunday just a stone’s throw away from where the former Revere Drive-In brought nights of enjoyment to residents of all ages for years.

Spiros Stogiannis, owner and operator of Easy Pie restaurant on Squire Road, will show a movie in the large parking lot in front of his restaurant and the Boston Harley Davidson store next door.

Stogiannis said the movie begins at 8:30 p.m. and it will be free of charge on a first-come basis. There will be Easy Pie’s delicious pizzas on sale.

 “The goal for the movie night was to offer something to the community free of charge in these times of the pandemic and the lockdown – and with the weather changing, I thought it would be something nice to say thank you to the community for helping us survive during these times,” said Stogiannis.

He said the event will be following the social distancing guidelines.

“People can show up with their families and stay in their cars and watch a family, friendly movie,” said Stogiannis. “If it’s something that goes really well, we’d love to turn it into something that happens weekly or biweekly.”

Easy Pie is home of the famous Mac Daddy Pizza that became a hit at the original Easy Pie in Braintree in 2010.

Stogiannis, 43, who grew up in Roslindale and attended Catholic Memorial, has been in the restaurant business for close to 20 years, working as a manager of four Legal Sea Foods Restaurant for six years.

The Revere restaurant has been embraced by local diners and it has been the site for political fundraisers. “There are a lot of traditionalists here and they love their pizza  and I was a little nervous opening Easy Pie because we’re kind of off the wall with our menu,” said Stogiannis. “But I think it was a refreshing change for a lot of people and they’ve welcomed us with open arms and it’s an awesome feeling.”

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