City Holds Business Reopening Listening Sessions on ZOOM

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The City of Revere held two Revere Reopening Listening Sessions Tuesday following Gov. Charlie Baker’s announcement Monday that some businesses would be allowed to reopen in Phase 1 of a four-phase plan in response to the global pandemic.

Business owners joined the informative forum as a panel of city officials spoke about social distancing and the implementation of key public safety measures.

Information on employee training in social distancing and hand-sanitation procedures for such high-touch areas as ATM machines and restrooms were dispensed during the sessions.

Among the officials addressing business owners were Maggie Haney, secretary of the Licensing Commission, Bob Marra, chief of staff for Mayor Brian Arrigo’s Office, Reuben Kantor, one of the leaders of the COVID-19 Emergency Response Team, Michael Wells, inspector at the Revere Health Department, and TechLeng, Revere city planner.

The forum was opened to questions from business owners and residents.

Haney responded to a question from Cheryl about the opening of Revere Beach and whether the businesses on the beach would be allowed to open “under strict protocols and procedures” such as social distancing, a crowd control supervisor, and sanitation stations – for in-restaurant service or takeout orders only.

“We are looking at this right now,” said Haney. “Mayor Arrigo is considering it as is the entire emergency response. They are definitely looking in to ways for people to open under what would be fairly strict circumstances.

“I don’t know exactly how they’ve gotten with that yet.”

Marra added, “The opening of any business is going to depend on the classification of the business, not where it is located. As we look at businesses along the beach, particularly the type of walk-up business (such as Kelly’s Roast Beef) – those restrictions will continue. As has been the case, curbside service will be permissible, but it does not appear that at this stage that the traditional walk-up will be allowed at least during this first phase.”

The next session will be Wednesday, May 20 at 1pm. Register at

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