Council to Honor Veterans With American Flags on Legion Law

The City Council approved a motion by Councillors Richard Serino and Gerry Visconti to place one American flag on the lawn of the American Legion building for each service member from Revere “who has valiantly given his or her life” in service to the United States of America.

The observance will take place in advance of Memorial Day.

 Serino, who witnessed a similar observance in Boston, feels it would be “a poignant reminder” to place American flags on the Legion lawn so residents can see the flags and pay tribute to Revere residents’ service to the country.

“Given COVID-19, I would assume we’re probably not going to have the traditional Memorial Day Exercises that we’ve had in the past,” said Serino. “Placing these flags could be a very visual memorial for Memorial Day.”

Serino said he and Visconti will personally donate the individual flags for the observance.

Councillors Jessica Giannino and Steven Morabito offered their support of the motion. Morabito also commended Director of Veterans Services Mark Silvestri for his service to the country and his superb organization of last year’s Memorial Day Exercises.

“I’m honored to be part of this motion,” said Visconti, who offered an amendment that the placement of the flags be an annual event.

Silvestri addressed the Council, stating that he fully supported the Serino-Visconti motion.
“Since it being an odd year with COVID-19 and we’re not going to have the regular Memorial Day celebration and decorations, I ask if we could extend the flags to go through the additional 600 veterans (beyond the 201 veterans that were lost in battle) that we place flags on yearly,” said Silvestri.

The Council unanimously approved the amendments to the original motion as well.

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