Revere PAL Suspends 2020 Grant so It Can Assist Malden Food Pantry

Dr. Joseph Spinazzola, executive director of The Foundation Trust, said the Revere Police Activities League (PAL) has agreed to suspend its 2020 grant this summer so the funds can go to the Malden YMCA Food Pantry.

The PAL, sponsored by the Revere Police Department, and led by school administrator Kris Oldoni, was set to receive the second portion of its two-year grant from The Foundation. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, Revere PAL officials agreed to extend the financial assistance to the Malden YMCA-based food distribution program.

“I called Chief [James] Guido to see if they would be willing to postpone their grant until next summer in order to help the food program in Malden because we have a finite amount of funds – and the chief and Kris Oldoni were on board and said, ‘absolutely.’’’

The PAL grant, which was for $8,500, will be used next summer to expand the number of days of the PAL Summer Camp. Spinazzola will donate an additional $1,500 to increase the grant to $10,000 for the Malden organization.

The Malden YMCA operates food pantries in Malden, Everett, and Medford.

“I see this act of kindness as a tremendous gesture by Chief Guido and Kris Oldoni,” said Spinazzola. “These are two of our best grantee organizations (Revere PAL and Malden YMCA) helping each other out in a time of crisis,” said Spinazzola.

Dr. Spinazzola, whose family lived in Revere for many years, distributed grants to several Revere-based non-profit organizations during the 2019 grant cycle.

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