Councillor Powers Reflects on a Successful Year for the City

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers called it “a successful year” for the city and pledged to continue to move Revere forward in the year ahead.

Powers won re-election in November, defeating Eric Lampedeccio, a formidable candidate who worked hard and was visible at most Council meeting, by 334 votes. It was a rematch of their 2017 race.

“I think the race was good for the ward, because going door to door gave me the opportunity to listen their concerns and inform residents about the many good things that are happening throughout the city,” said Powers.

There have been tremendous improvements in Ward 5, according to Powers. He cited the Council’s approval of funding for a new Ward 5 fire station that will service the Point of Pines, Revere Beach Boulevard, and the entire city when needed. Construction of the new fire station is expected to begin in early 2020.

Powers also noted that the city has installed new sewer lines and catch basins throughout the ward and it is currently in the process of cleaning the Eastern County Ditch that serves the Ward 5 area.

Powers hailed the Gibson Park renovations as a major plus for all residents of Ward 5. The park has new playground equipment, including a golfing practice area, and new lighting.

The demolition of Wonderland Greyhound Park, which was completed in early January, sets the stage for future development of the 35-acre property. Powers worked for several years to facilitate the dismantling of the dangerous and unsightly buildings.

Powers also worked with his colleagues on the Council to amend the zoning at the Mills Avenue Boatyard, thereby preventing over-development of large apartment buildings on the site.

Powers credits Mayor Brian Arrigo for bringing Amazon to the city [NECCO property] that will create more than 600 new jobs.

Councillor Powers added that he is “excited about working with Mayor Brian Arrigo and his colleagues on the City Council to continue moving Revere in a positive direction.”

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