ConCom Approves Movie Set on Revere Beach

The Conservation Commission has given its approval for a movie set at Revere Beach, and they have also approved a water main project in the Oak Island area.

Michael Judge, a location manager for Twentieth Century Fox told the commission they want to build a platform on Revere Beach in the vicinity of 220 Revere Beach Boulevard, near the Markey Bridge and the pavilion across the street from it.

“This movie is like a Spiderman movie, there’s a lot of visual effects,” Judge said of the movie called “Free Guy,” starring Ryan Reynolds. “The clear-plexiglass platform on the beach is part of a visual effect of the actor going over a bridge. They have to create a temporary stage sitting on the sand.”

Judge said crews will be filming in June 19-21, 24, 25, 27 and 28 on the beach. The will be security and the Department of Conservation and Recreation has approved the location.

The Conservation Commission also heard from CDM (Camp, Dresser, McKee) regarding a project involving a water main, pressure and service connection. The water main project will include the replacement of 400 feet of 6-inch pipe with an 8-inch pipe.

In Phase One of the project the work will occur in the area of Alice and Vera street of the Oak Island Neighborhood. The second phase work will go under the railroad tracks. The project will improve fire safety and water pressure. The line is being extended to also connect with North Shore Road. Bypass water will be provided and residents should see no interruption in service.

The commission approved both projects.

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