Revere Elks Students of the Month


Brenden Godino, son of Lauren Kelley and James Godino, is a senior at Revere High School who is being recognized as the Elks Teenager of the Month by the faculty at RHS.

Brenden has been an active member of student council these past four years; he was class secretary his junior year. During his Junior and Senior year, Brenden served as a writing tutor for RHS where he coached students during the writing process in various academic subjects.

Brenden has also been a mentor for the freshman class both his Sophomore and Junior year.

Throughout his four years of high school, Brenden has been an athlete for Revere High School. Brenden has served as a member for the RHS varsity cheerleading team all four years and as a captain both his Junior and Senior year. In addition, he was a member of the varsity outdoor track team where he was a distance runner. When Brenden is not participating in sports, volunteering, or in the classroom, he can be found working. Brenden has maintained a part time job throughout his four years of high school and works for Revere Parks and Recreation during the summer.

Brenden has also given back to the community in numerous ways. He has served as a volunteer for Revere Pop Warner. As a volunteer, he assisted in coaching the youth cheerleading teams during their practices and to prepare them for competitions. He has helped out the teams by teaching them the basic fundamentals of cheerleading.

In addition to his extracurricular activities, Brenden is also a standout in academics. At the end of his high school career, Brenden will have taken with three AP courses in addition to numerous honors classes. He has maintained a 4.0 GPA all four years of high school. Through his years of hard work, Brenden has received many honors, such as Excellence and Achievement in English Language Arts and also an Achievement in Mathematics award. As a reward for his hard work, Brenden is a member of the Spanish Honors Society and the National Honors Society.

Brenden Godino has made his experience both inside and outside of RHS truly remarkable. His respectful, social, and driven personality has provided him with a strong future ahead. Brenden will be attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst on a full tuition scholarship. He will either major in Political Science or Communications with a minor in Spanish.

Izabella Dampier, daughter of Danielle Aluia (Revere High School of 2002), a senior at Revere High School is being recognized as the Elk’s Student of the Month for January by the faculty at RHS. Izabella is a leader in the community as well as in the classroom. Izabella has participated in numerous clubs and activities throughout her four years at Revere High School, and has made the most of her time spent at RHS.

Throughout her years at Revere High, Izabella has taken numerous honors and AP courses. Izabella will graduate taking a total of 4 AP courses. While Izabella has taken many rigorous courses, she has been able to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.8. Izabella is also ranked in the top 50 of the graduating class of 2019. Izabella’s hard work in the classroom has paid off as she has had the opportunity to be inducted into National Honor Society.

While academics are extremely important to Izabella, she also feels the need to give back to her community is just as important. Izabella has completed her community service requirements by the school and has gone beyond the required hours. Izabella has given back to her community by helping at St. Mary’s Parish in Revere. Izabella also gave back to her community by volunteering at local nursing homes, as well as helping out at a local soup kitchen. Beyond this, Izabella has donated many blankets and canned goods to those in need.

Along with Izabella’s academics and community service she has been a part of her school community as she participated in different clubs and activities. Izabella has been a part of the Varsity Cheerleading team, Volleyball team, as well as the Powderpuff team. She was named captain of the Powderpuff team, and has also actively participated in Student Council.

While Izabella is busy participating in school activities and giving back to her community, she has also maintained a part time job throughout her four years of high school. Izabella can be described by teachers and classmates as kind, driven, and hardworking. She is a strong example of how far hardwork and dedication can get you. Many of Izabella’s peers look up to her as an exemplary student, especially in the classroom.

While Izabella Dampier has taken advantage of much of what Revere High School has to offer, she has a bright future ahead of her. Izabella plans to attend Massachusetts College of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences (MCPHS) in the fall where she will major in an accelerated six-year Pharm D program. In the future, Izabella wants to be an in-patient pharmacist in a local Boston hospital, as well as pursuing a license in Real Estate.


Jonathan Nushi, Son of nurse practitioner Blerina Nushi.

Throughout his four years at RHS he has been an active member of the cross country and track and field teams. Having started running since middle school he concluded his last year on the team as a proud captain who’s watched his team grow, and go through major hardships and tremendous victories alike. This past cross country season he was also chosen as an NEC all-star for his achievement and leadership in the sport. He has also dedicated some time to Revere High’s student senate since junior year, and has taken up a position as an executive board member this past year.

When he’s not on the track or folding clothes at his part time job at Marshalls, he is hard at work in class. He has taken AP classes since freshman year, amounting to nine AP courses among his other Pre-AP, Honors, and Dual Enrollment courses, and has maintained above a 4.0 GPA since sophomore year. Two of these classes include RHS’ first Physics C Electricity and Magnetism course, as well as an independent study of AP Computer Science Applications. He has also received an award for achievement in mathematics thanks to his work in my Calculus AB class with Ms. Cronin.

Jonathan takes pleasure in helping his fellow classmates, and is truly grateful for everyone that he’s become acquainted with in the past four years. He is motivated to get the most he can out of his education and to constantly push his limits as both a student and a person. He plans to attend Boston College for four years to pursue a major in Computer Science.

Katrina Mojica, daughter of Iris and Edwin, is a senior at Revere High School who is being recognized as the Elks Student of the Month by RHS faculty. Katrina is a highly motivated 17-year-old typical teenager with a positive attitude and contagious smile. Over the course of her four years at Revere High, Katrina has successfully retained a 3.5 GPA. She currently enjoys the day to day challenges of her AP Psychology and Honors classes.

During the 2018-2019 school year, Katrina played volleyball, powderpuff, held her GPA all while juggling a part-time job. One of her biggest strengths is her perseverance. She lets nothing or no one stand in her way of reaching her goals and claiming victory.

Katrina applied to six colleges and/or universities and was accepted to all and offered merit scholarships in five of the six. She commited to Johnson & Wales University, which turned out to be one of the biggest decisions she has ever had to make. She will major in Tourism and Hospitality Management in the upcoming fall. Katrina will be the first in her family to attend college. One can only imagine how proud her parents and sibling can be.

——MARCH ——

Kiana Napolitano, daughter of Nick (RHS Class of 1977) and Michelle (Class of 1985) Napolitano, is a senior at Revere High School that is being recognized as the Elks Teenager of the Month for March by the faculty at RHS. Kiana is not only a leader in the school and community but athletics as well while taking full advantage of all that RHS has to offer.

As a scholar athlete, Kiana is ranked in the top 15 of her senior class. Her current GPA is a 4.59 and has received the Academic Varsity Award her freshman, sophomore and junior years. This award is given to students at Revere High School with a 4.0 or higher at the end of each school year. She also has received the Math Excellence Award all three years, the Smith College Book Award, and is a member of the National Honor Society.

As a person Kiana has always looked to give back to her community. Throughout her four years of high school Kiana has completed many hours of community service when she was not busy playing sports. She has volunteered at the Revere Youth Lacrosse program as an instructor and coach teaching the youth of Revere the game of lacrosse, volunteered chaperoning and supporting Lincoln Elementary School events, scorekeeping at Revere High Track Team events, and spending time at local nursing homes helping with arts and crafts activities.

Kiana has been involved in many varsity sports since her freshman year and she has been Captain in three of them. She is a four year varsity Lacrosse (Captain last two years) player. She currently holds the Single Season Points Scored school record which she achieved in her junior year in girls lacrosse. In addition she has been named a Northeast All-Conference All-Star (NEC) the last three years, was named the NEC Offensive Player her sophomore year, the NEC South Most Valuable Player her junior year and the EMass Girls Lacrosse All Star Team her junior year. Kiana was also a four year varsity Volleyball player. As the captain of the volleyball team this year, Kiana was named to the NEC All-Star team. As a member of the varsity girls indoor track team her junior and senior year (Captain senior year)she was a member of the Sprint Medley Relay team that set a school record her junior year. Freshman and Sophomore years Kiana also played basketball as a member of the girls varsity Basketball team.

Kiana is a respectful and dedicated student with a bright future ahead of her. Over four years at Revere High School Kiana has consistently showed a positive attitude, determination, competitiveness, and exemplary leadership skills as a three sport varsity captain all while excelling in the classroom. She always found time to give back to the community her grandparents, parents and she grew up in. Kiana is going to further her education at Framingham State University where she will major in business and finance while continuing to play the the game of Lacrosse that she is passionate about.

Rafael Fernandes, is a senior at Revere High School being recognized as the Elk’s Student of the Month by the faculty at RHS. Rafael has not always been a leader in the classroom and the community, but he has shown his growth as a person and has set it as an example to his peers. Rafael is a member of the Spanish National Honor Society and is on track to becoming a member of the National Honor Society.

Rafael has completed over 70 hours of community service throughout his four years of high school when he has not been busy with school or work. Rafael has maintained one or two jobs since his sophomore year. He has played football and basketball for a year. He has volunteered playing the piano in the Madonna Queen Shrine’s youth choir for a total of eight years and in the collection of clothes and school supplies for families in need in Nicaragua and Brazil for a total of two years. Rafael has also always maintained one or two jobs since his sophomore year.

When he is not giving back to the community or helping his peers, he is active in the classroom. Along with his pre-ap and honors courses, Rafael will graduate three AP courses and three night time dual enrollment classes at Salem State. He has achieved Honor Roll for the school year of 2016-2107 and is on track to do so for the current school year. Rafael took up an interest in programming and has taught himself python and javascript. With this, Rafael has recently began to work with the City of Revere to create an app for the department of water and sewage, and will continue his work with the city during the Summer through an internship.

Rafael Fernandes has definitely taken advantage of the opportunities that Revere High School has to offer. Rafael’s dedication and leadership will help him overcome his future obstacles and challenges. He plans to attend UMass Boston for the next two years with a major in Computer Science and to transfer to Northeastern University to receive his bachelor’s degree.

——APRIL ——

Elena Nguyen, daughter of Trang and Hiep Nguyen, is a senior at Revere High School who is being recognized as the Elk’s Student of the month by the faculty at RHS. Elena has been an active leader in the school’s Junior ROTC program for the past four years, in which she earned the position of Battalion Commander, the highest ranking cadet in the program. She supervises, provides guidance and direction for the Battalion Staff Officers, Company Commanders, and Battalion Command Sergeant Major in ensuring that all activities and training are planned, coordinated, and executed efficiently. Within the JROTC program, she has also held various other leadership positions in the past, including being a Precinct Team Leader for the program’s service learning project, Company Academic Mentor, JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB) Captain, and Chief Academic Officer. As Chief Academic Officer, her job was to employ strategies to provide resources and techniques for all cadets to improve themselves academically.

This past March, Elena got the opportunity to compete at the Regional Drill Competition with the RHS JROTC Drill Team in New York for her fourth year in a row. She also competed at Nationals in Virginia for the first time. Along with the Drill Team, Elena has also participated on the Varsity Academic Team, Color Guard Team, and JLAB Team.

Within Revere High School, Elena was also Vice President of Student council for the school year 2015-2016, a Freshman Mentor, Writing Coach, and played on the Field Hockey team and Indoor Track and Field Team. As a Freshman Mentor, Elena took her time to get to know her select group of freshman students to help aid them into a smooth transition into high school. As a Writing Coach, she guided students individually, leading them to a greater understanding of their writing, and empowered them to begin revising on their own for success in future writing projects.

Not only has she been a leader in the school, but in the community as well. Through the JROTC program, Elena has conducted over 180 community service hours, in which most of her hours were earned through participation in the service learning project, Operation Snow Angel. In this project, she planned, prepared, and executed the mission to shovel snow for 60 Revere residents who met the specified eligibility requirement established by the city.  Her community work earned her both the Bronze and Silver Presidential Volunteer Service Medal.  Her leadership skills have also earned her the Superior Cadet Award, during school year 2015-2016, an award given to a cadet per LET level (Leadership, Education, and Training) who demonstrates good attributes of a leader and officer.  She was also awarded the Daedalion Achievement Award which recognizes outstanding performance as a cadet in the JROTC program during school year 2017-2018. This year, she was awarded the Jewish War Veterans of the United States Award.

Elena also got the opportunity to work in the City Hall of Revere for the past two summers, working in the City Hall’s Clerk Office as well as the Health Department. 

When she is not helping her peers or giving back to the community, she is performing in the classroom. Elena will graduate this June with four AP courses in addition to numerous Pre-AP and Honors courses. She has also taken summer classes at North Shore Community College. Besides her courses, Elena has had the opportunity to be inducted into the National Honor Society, and the National Spanish Honor Society. She has maintained a 4.2 cumulative GPA, making herself a four-time Academic Varsity student. Elena has received awards for Excellence in English Language Arts, Excellence in Science, Achievement in Foreign Language, and Perfect Attendance.

Elena Nguyen has taken advantage of all that RHS has to offer. Her maturity and leadership goes above and beyond her personal achievement and expands to a greater whole. She plans to attend UMass Lowell majoring in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Pre-Med, with the hopes of attending medical school to become a Pediatric Anesthesiologist.   

Raymond Ou, son of Ron Ou and Nann Hou, both graduates from Revere High in 1998 and 1999. Currently, their son is a senior, who is being recognized as the Elk’s teenager of the month. Raymond not only contributed his efforts through his academics but also the town he grew up in, Revere. He was always a social butterfly and loved meeting people so he took that part of him as in advantage to spread himself in the JROTC program in his sophomore year. Not only that, he managed to join the track and field team and stayed consistently for three years. Participating in the 50-100 meter dashes, the 400-meter relay races and even went to support his peers at the NEC’s competition. After three years of being in Revere High, he was appointed a mentor in his junior year to support and guide the incoming freshman class. He took his time out of his day and meets up with some of the freshmen and help boost up their confidence to make their high school experience better. Raymond did that for his entire year and now his senior year, he has other priorities to do but manages to come to the meetings and catches up with the new freshmen.

Throughout his four years of high school, Raymond really wanted to make an impact on the school and the community. Therefore he joined the JROTC program because he heard that they have this service learning project where they shovel homes for the elderly. That right there, motivated Raymond to be apart of that service learning project and also learn skills he can use after high school. The JROTC program also provides teams throughout the seasons, such as the Drill and MAP season. Raymond competed Drill in 2017 and that year, the Patriot Battalion was able to compete further into the competition by going to New York. After Drill season was over, he wanted to do more things in the program to stay around. He joined the Academic Team to be apart of the MAP season and again competed with other schools.

Raymond is willing to do anything and doesn’t take no for answer. For the language course, he decided to take Mandarin as his language choice. Raymond knew that it’ll be difficult because mandarin was considered a hard language to learn. However, within his three years of taking it, he managed to pass the class with a (B) and higher. He was always an honor student, maintaining an accumulative GPA of 3.67. He reached and passed the requirement of community service hours. Instead of him getting 26 hours, he managed to receive 72 hours by tutoring, activities in the JROTC and of course supporting the track team. Raymond’s dedication also leads him not only being a mentor but also a member of the National Honor Society.

Raymond took the opportunities that Revere High has to offer and always appreciated the moment and will take it with him into the future. He’ll continue that and hopes for the best when he attends Emmanuel College to study Business and Administration.

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