Revere Fares Well in First Major Snowstorm

The month of March truly came in like a lion as Revere residents faced late-winter snow in the form of back-to-back storms over the weekend and into Monday.

After getting 5 inches of snow on Saturday, Mother Nature brought close to a foot more of the white stuff during a storm that started late Sunday and continued through Monday afternoon.

Revere Supt. of Schools Dianne Kelly heeded the forecasters’ warnings and made the decision to call off school for Monday, making the “no-school” call early Sunday.

From all reports, the Revere DPW drew high marks for their snowplowing and street-clearing efforts. The amount of snow exceeded the predictions of most TV meteorologists’ who looked for 6-9 inches of snow in the Boston area.

Mayor Brian Arrigo said he was proud of the DPW, 311, and public safety personnel for their efforts in keeping Revere residents safe and getting the streets ready quickly for vehicular traffic.

“As our students enjoyed their first snow day of the year, our DPW, 311, and public safety personnel were hard at work during the snowstorm,” said Arrigo. “I’m proud of our team’s diligent effort, working tirelessly around the clock to make sure our roadways were clear and safe for residents.”

Mayor Arrigo also acknowledged the efforts of Revere 311, an instrumental department during snow events. “Our 311 Call Center received a record number of calls on Monday, responding to 334 calls,” said Arrigo. “It’s important residents continue to utilize this service so we can accommodate the needs of as many residents as possible. More importantly, it helps us identify areas in the storm that may need more attention.”

Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe lauded the DPW’s efforts, stating that their efforts throughout the storm were “terrific.”

“Like most seasons, that first major snowstorm always catches everyone off guard, but they [DPW] did a terrific job with this storm,” said Keefe. “I live on the hills and the plows were here early and often. You can always judge by the number of calls you get, and I didn’t receive one negative call on this last storm, and this was the biggest storm of the season.”

Spring is just around the corner with its official start on March 20. Another sign that the seasons are changing is the start of Daylight Savings Time this Sunday (March 10) at 2 a.m., with residents set to move their clocks ahead one hour.

And finally, another sign spring is approaching: the Red Sox open their regular season on March 28 in Seattle, while the real sign that spring is here: Opening Day at Fenway Park is April 9.

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