MBTA Seeks Input on Proposals

Seeks Input on Proposals As part of its Better Bus Project the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) is seeking opinions from bus riders on three new proposals for bus lines in Revere.

Proposals include changes to Route 411, Route 424 and Routes 455 and 459.

The MBTA is seeking comments through March 13 online at MBTA.com. Changes to the system are expected to take place Sept. 1. The goal of MBTA officials is shorter wait times on all lines.

If the proposed changes are implemented by the MBTA, Route 411 would provide only midday service to the Jack Satter House. There would be no change in service on Route 411 on Saturdays but there would be no service on Sunday.

For Eastern and Essex – Haymarket or Wonderland, Route 424 the goal is more reliable service between Boston and Lynn. The night service will route to Wonderland instead of Haymarket. These weekday changes allow for a shorter wait time. It would result in a local bus and subway fare instead of an express bus fare.

The MBTA states that there will be 21 new passenger trips and 20 passenger hours saved each weekday.

Realizing the importance of linking Boston and the North Shore, the MBTA is also proposing to remove Route 459 and invest more resources in the Route 455. The changes would result in the reduction of a 20-minute wait time, but there would be added a 10-minute walk from Bell Circle to the Wonderland Station. There would be no changes for the weekend service on Route 455.

The Better Bus Project is the first step in efforts to improve bus service and the system as a whole. It is a key part of a $8 billion modernization work, which includes replacing subway fleets, upgrading tracks, signals, and switches, reinventing our bus system to reflect changing demographics, replacing our fare collection system, and bringing all of our assets to a state of good repair.

“During the analysis period, we reached out to the communities most impacted by gaps in service and schedules. This included discussions at regional public meetings and meetings with community groups and stakeholders, through feedback submitted to our online survey, and by speaking with riders at bus stops and stations,” said MBTA spokesman Kenneth Green.

To leave feedback on the program, go to


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