Call Center Sees Sharp Increase During Wind Storm

The City of Revere 311 Call Center experienced a 40 to 50 increase in calls during the windy weather on Monday and Tuesday. In an average day the center receives 80-100 calls. During the wind storm the center was busy.

Power went out in a few places in the city.

Residents lost power in Beachmont, Point of Pines and the Bell Circle area.

Paul Argenzio, superintendent of Public Works, said his department received about 15 to 20 calls for limbs down.

At 33 Jarvis St. a home and two cars were hit by a fallen tree.

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers said a utility pole came down on Thayer Avenue, knocking out power in the Riverside area. Crews from National Grid worked on Tuesday to replace the pole.

On Crest Avenue a tree on private property came down, taking with it the electricity.

A representative of National Grid was not able to attend the City Council meeting Monday night because he was attending to emergency calls.

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