Revere Weathers First 2019 Storm Well

This past weekend saw the first big snowstorm of the winter, as well as the first of the new year. The ‘kitchen sink’ storm that made its way through the area brought snow, ice, sleet, rain flash freezes and more. Pictured above, Revere ‘s Patriot fans are all smiles as they get their shoveling done early to enjoy the game later in the day. Pictured left are two of Patriot JROTC Snow Angels, who clear out walkways for senior citizens following a storm; they are truly heroes in the community.

Mother Nature threw it all at Revere – snow, freezing rain, and sub-freezing temperatures – but the city handled the first stormy blast of the winter very well.

Mayor Brian Arrigo said there were no major storm-related issues in the city over the weekend and on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday when temperatures were in single digits. Revere students returned to school Tuesday morning with no delays, while the RHS sports teams resumed their regular schedule.

“Revere endured the effects of the season’s first winter storm with no major consequences or problems,” said Arrigo. “It was a challenging type of storm, with the heavy, wet snow followed by what amounted to a ‘flash freeze.’ Thankfully, the storm hit on a Sunday of a long weekend, so not many people were on the roads – and with the Patriots game on that evening, a lot of people remained indoors.”

Arrigo thanked the public safety departments and the DPW for their efforts during the storm.

“I thank all those who protect our public safety, our police and fire departments, and our DPW workers, and those who respond to the public at the City’s 311-Constituent services, for their hard work during the storm,” said Arrigo. “They were at their posts and doing their jobs. It’s winter in New England – so storms are part of what we deal with.”

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers was pleased with the DPW’s plowing operations throughout his ward.

“The streets were cleared quickly and treated with salt, giving motorists safe access in the neighborhood,” said Powers. “On Sunday, I traveled throughout Ward 5 and the conditions were good for motor vehicles. The one problem I did see was the flooding on Mills Avenue. It is still an ongoing concern during stormy weather and high tide conditions, and it needs to be addressed.”

The region’s 10-day forecast, according to The Weather Channel, shows no major snowstorms, but rain is expected on Thursday.

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