Car Goes Airborne on N Shore Road, Hits Apartment

A tremendous car crash early Saturday morning involving a driver whose vehicle went airborne and hit a Revere building is under investigation.

The crash happened at approximately 2:15 a.m. on the southbound side of North Shore Road, near the intersection of Revere Street.

The vehicle hit a curb and went airborne, resulting in damage to a building and three parked cars. All four vehicles were towed from the site of the crash.

The owner of a business located near the scene of the crash, told WBZ-TV News, “I’m shocked. He almost went up to the second floor of that building, so I’m really shocked.”

A surveillance camera captured video of the incident, showing the vehicle knocking down two cement barriers, going airborne, and crashing in to an apartment building.

A resident of the apartment building said in an interview with WBZ-TV News that the vehicle was likely traveling 80 miles per hour.

“I’m uncomfortable and I don’t feel safe here,” the resident said. “I’ve been here since 2012 and I can’t tell you how many accidents have happened. It’s really wicked bad. I don’t feel safe.”

(Information from the WBZ-TV News (CBS Boston) Website and television report was used in this story).

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