RCN Brings Cable TV Choice to Revere

Mayor Brian Arrigo announced that Revere residents and businesses have another choice for their internet, cable

Pictured at the press conference Tuesday announcing that RCN has officially launched internet, cable, and telephone services in the city are, from left, RCN Senior Vice President and General Manager Jeff Carlson, Mayor Brian Arrigo, and RCN Vice President
and Regulatory Counsel Thomas K. Steel Jr.

and telephone service as RCN has officially launched services in the city.

Arrigo and RCN officials held a press conference Tuesday outside City Hall to make the historic announcement.

RCN is bringing a state-of-the-art, fiber-rich network to Revere along with increased competition and a new choice for broadband and entertainment services.

“Revere has waited a long time for competition in our cable market,” said Arrigo. “RCN’s arrival in Revere culminates a courtship that we expect will improve both cable television and related service available to Revere residents. Believe it or not, it’s one of the most common questions I’ve fielded at City Hall: Why doesn’t Revere have more choice in service? Now, we do.”

Arrigo said the competition will lead to savings for Revere residents in their monthly cable bills.

“It’s a good day for the residents of the city because they’re going to save a little bit of money if they do decide to go to RCN, or if they want to keep Comcast, they have the ability to negotiate a little bit now,” said Arrigo. “Anything we can do to save the residents money is a good thing and it’s a good day when we can do that. We’re excited about RCN coming in to the city of Revere.”

Jeff Carlson, senior vice president and general manager, RCN Boston, and Thomas K. Steel Jr., vice president and regulatory counsel, represented RCN at the press conference.

“RCN is bringing the city of Revere an array of highly competitive telecom packages and we applaud the city for allowing a new choice for residents and businesses,” said Carlson. “Our award-winning high-speed Internet, digital TV and phone service are second to none. RCN is also committed to becoming part of the Revere community by building an exclusive fiber infrastructure for municipal use.”

As part of the cable license agreement, RCN is constructing an advanced fiber institutional network for the city’s exclusive use that will connect schools, municipal buildings, and be used for certain public safety communications. This will fill the city’s needs for video and data distribution long into the future.

RCN will also provide three HD channels for locally produced public, educational and governmental programming to bring signal quality to a level that Revere residents have come to expect for all programming.

RCN is in the process of installing their fiber network throughout the city and is currently available to 3,000 households. As more service is added and available every day, the service is expected to be city-wide over the next several months.

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