Powers Seeks Cleanup of Boatyard Property in Point of Pines Area

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers is seeking a major cleanup of the Riverside Boat Works property located on Thayer Avenue in the Riverside section of the Point of Pines.

The property is located at the corner of Thayer and Mills Avenues, adjacent to Gibson Park.

“The boatyard is in deplorable shape,” said Powers. “There are large piles of wood that shouldn’t be there. It’s unsightly and a potential fire hazard. It’s been like this for a couple of years now.”

Powers said during a recent rainstorm, he noticed that materials from the boatyard “broke away and made their way down the Pines River.”

“The materials ended up on the shore and it’s just not a good situation,” said Powers, adding that residents in the area have reached out to him about the situation. “My goal is to begin a cleanup that works for the residents and the owner of the property.”

Powers said he is unsure who owns the property. He noted that the city has enlisted the aid of the D’Ambrosio Brown law firm “to get the entire problem resolved.”

“It needs to happen faster for the residents who have put up with this problem for some time now,” said the longtime city councillor. “The property has to be cleaned up and whatever proposal that comes before the city has to be one that works not only for the developer, but it has to be acceptable for the residents of the area.”

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