We’re All Proud of Chief Justice Dawley

That was a nice article by Seth Daniel last week in which he profiled Revere native Paul Dawley, who recently was reappointed to a five-year term as the Chief Justice of the state’s district courts.

Chief Justice Dawley, who grew up in Revere and attended the Immaculate Conception School, comes from a well-known and prolific Revere family. He himself appears every now and then in our Through the Years column for his exploits as a Little Leaguer, which presaged his future career in baseball and basketball at B.C. High and then at Tufts, where he played on the varsity baseball team and received All-New England recognition.

After reading Seth’s article, there were three things that struck us as clearly evident about Chief Justice Dawley. First and foremost, he is a dedicated public servant who has devoted his entire legal career to improving the Massachusetts court system.

Second, he is a person of great humility, despite his high position of authority (a trait to which all who know Chief Justice Dawley will readily attest.)

And third, Chief Justice Dawley is a product of his city, his family, his schools, his youth coaches, and in particular, the Sisters of St. Joseph, all of whom instilled in Chief Justice Dawley the imperative that service to others is the highest calling for any of us.

It is for that last reason that when we read about individuals from Revere who have made an impact outside of our city, we take some measure of pride in their achievements, recognizing that so many wonderful people of our community, both directly and indirectly, have had such a positive influence upon those whose lives they have touched.

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