City Budget

The city budget for Fiscal Year 2019 that was submitted by Mayor Brian Arrigo and approved by the City Council in June shows that Revere is moving in the right direction.

The budget that was submitted by the mayor was $206,992,903, from which the council cut only $50,000 (which came out of the Water and Sewer Enterprise discretionary fund).

In our view, what this minuscule reduction by the City Council demonstrates is that both branches of government are on the proverbial same page when dealing with the most important tasks of running our city.

For example; Mayor Arrigo’s budget, as approved by the council, called for the hiring of three new police officers, four new firefighters and six new Department of Public Works employees.

These additional hires will mean a safer city and will also mean that the maintenance of parks and streets will be able be able to be done on a more regular schedule.

Also included in this budget are funds set aside for the purchase of barrels that will allow a more secure rubbish disposal for all residents and hopefully will lead to a decrease in the rat population. Both of these issues have been discussed many times at recent City Council meetings.

We congratulate both Arrigo and the members of the City Council for their professionalism in approving the FY 2019  budget. We only wish that our leaders in 

Washington could follow their example.

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