Warm Weather Means Trails, Hikes, and Outdoor Adventures

The following is one of a series of monthly columns regarding healthy lifestyle, shared by RHS teacher Andrew Turchon and his class.


Over the past few weeks, the usually chilly temperatures of eastern Massachusetts have reached into the 60s and even 70s, breaking records in the process. It is during  days such as this that the beaches, parks, and other outdoor spaces see increases in visitation. Invariably, New Englanders get outside with friends and family, to soak in the sun, and defrost from another long winter. Here are a few places that you might consider visiting this spring.


  1. Appleton Farms (Ipswich) http://www.thetrustees.org/places-to-visit/north-shore/appleton-farms.html

Ipswich offers a rich variety of places visit and explore. Places like Plum Island and Willowdale State Forest are well known, but the hidden beauty of the town is Appleton Farms. If you enjoy walking, Appleton gives you an opportunity to use its many trails that offer picturesque views of the surrounding woods, fields, and pastures. Past the fields of the working farm are barns where cows, goats, sheep, and chickens can be viewed. You can watch the workers milk the cows and if you’re lucky, watch cheese made in the creamery that can be purchased in the store there. The best part about Appleton Farm is that it is open year-round from sunrise to sunset. Well worth the visit.


  1. Breakheart Reservation (Saugus) https://www.mass.gov/locations/breakheart-reservation

Breakheart Reservation is an urban recreational park and longtime landmark of Saugus. Conveniently located right off Route 1, Breakheart features a paved road which loops the reservation.  Paths branch off onto mildly-graded dirt trails where one can find a few moments alone to soak in the beauty of the landscape. In the middle of the reservation is series of small, but beautiful lakes where people swim in summer time. Nearby is a small playground for the kids and spaces to enjoy a picnic lunch. Breakheart is pet and family friendly.


  1. Lynn Woods (Lynn) https://lynnwoods.org/

Lynn Woods is a 2,200 acre park located entirely in the city of Lynn. This park features 30 miles of trails where you can hike, mountain bike, trail run, cross country ski (when it snows) or walk at a leisurely pace. Three reservoirs can be found in the park along with Stone Tower which sits atop 285-foot Burril Hill. Be sure to check out Dungeon Rock, a human-made cave/tunnel that was dug by treasure seekers over the last few hundred years. It can be descended through a rather spooky doorway and set of stairs. No matter where you this spring, be sure to check the web sites for park information and other updates. Hope to see you all outside this spring!

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