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Dear Editor:

Amazon thinking about seaplanes in Boston Harbor in creating its new Headquarters 2, has caused quite a stir among East Boston residents and some of our elected officials( Possibility of seaplanes in harbor being touted as part of amazon bid, East Boston Times, Jan. 31). For many it was the first time most have heard of the idea of seaplanes being a part of Amazon’s possible selection of Suffolk Downs for its second headquarters.

Many in East Boston are not fans of this idea around Jeffries Point. The idea of seaplanes by Piers Park is a big no-go. I agree with Mary Berminger about seaplanes and LNG tankers sharing water space and as she says, ‘Honestly, who thinks of these things?” Mayor Walsh’s press secretary said seaplanes were never ‘promised” to Amazon and would not be a deal breaker. Mary Berminger is correct while different agencies are discussing seaplanes what about hearing from us in the neighborhoods most affected by such an idea.

Good news for Eastie though was the news found in the same day’s Revere Journal ( If Amazon wants seaplanes, Revere can accommodate).The site would be behind Northgate where a small airport once existed  by the Saugus River. Google  maps today still  identify the area as a “seaplane basin.”.

I say give Revere all the seaplanes it desires. Better there than anywhere around East Boston. This looks like a win-win for both Revere and East Boston, doesn’t it?

Sal Giarratani

East Boston



Dear Editor:

It has been a while since my opinions have been expressed here, but like so many of you, as the selection process narrows, I await Amazon’s decision for the final location of their newly planned headquarters. I truly hope that the current site of the former Suffolk Downs race track is chosen. Our city and Suffolk Downs have truly enjoyed a very advantageous, reciprocal relationship, particularly with regard to employment opportunities and the race track’s support during times of natural disasters. During the Blizzard of ’78 we were allowed to deposit snow and park there. Suffolk Downs was also the host site for numerous charitable events. The city of Revere and the Suffolk Downs site will benefit greatly as a result of this pending partnership with Amazon.

I myself have a personal history and connection to Suffolk Downs having been recommended as a security guard by, at that time, the physician for the Revere Board of Health, Dr. Schwartz.

We want to continue to see our city grow, thrive, and prosper; a relationship with Amazon would all but ensure this hope and make it a reality, for not only Revere, but potentially surrounding communities such as East Boston, Everett, Winthrop and Saugus. I firmly believe that the current owners and developers at HYM Investments support and share this vision.

As a lifelong resident of the great city of Revere my wife Lucy and I raised our four children here, all educated in the great K-12 school system. We owe Revere a debt of gratitude for providing the kind of community enabling hard-working families to be happy and successful! Our city is very deserving of the honor and opportunities that would result from a decision to locate the Amazon Headquarters at Suffolk Downs.

Vincent F. Cammarata

Proud resident of Revere for 83 years

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