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Steve Wynn’s Money

Dear Editor;

Local politicians are being urged to return the money they have received from Steve Wynn. As we all have heard, Steve Wynn is engulfed in allegations of alleged sexual harassment. The Wall Street Journal alleged that he harassed a massage therapist and forced one staff member to have sex with him. It was reported that he allegedly paid $7.5 million in a settlement to resolve the matter.

Although Steve Wynn has denied all the allegations, we should insist that any politicians who accepted donations from Wynn and members of his Wynn Everett team return the money. It is the right thing to do.

In my opinion,  the Massachusetts Gaming Commission turned a blind eye to all that was wrong with the Wynn application, to the detriment and loss of hundreds of jobs at Suffolk Downs. It is worth reiterating the Gaming Commission’s own criteria; the requirements of applicants who receives a Gaming License were required to “demonstrate integrity, honesty, good character and reputation.” While the Mass Gaming Commission described Steve Wynn “As highly ethical,” it now seems their due diligence was not too diligent at all.

It is worth repeating, politicians should not only return the money from Steve Wynn himself, but also the 11 Wynn employees, members of their board of directors, and lobbyists who also contributed money while representing Wynn Casinos.

John R. Correggio
Former School Committeeman and City Councillor

Retired Lieutenant of Revere Fire Dept.



Dear Editor:

I am sending this note to thank you for the editorials you have been writing about Donald Trump – most recently about, “What Would Martin Luther King say about Trump?”

Often times, local papers do not like to take sides on political issues, but I commend you for your willingness to do so.

Bill Schmidt


Dear Editor:

This letter is regarding a ban on the use of plastic shopping bags in the City of Revere.

This is already in place in numerous cities and towns in Massachusetts – according to the Mass Green Network, 61 Massachusetts cities and towns have thus far passed a plastic shopping bag ban.  Boston recently also joined the movement by passing a bag ban with a unanimous vote. Businesses in these communities that have already implemented a ban are doing well with it and residents have adjusted to it quickly.

The proposed ban is a move to protect our environment, move towards a more sustainable future, and to carry out our responsibility as a coastal community. As expanded upon in the attached petition, plastic shopping bags cause various problems, including but not limited to causing much litter in our community, harming wildlife, and consuming fossil fuels.

At the end of this email is a link to containing a petition regarding the proposed ban of plastic shopping bags, that I kindly ask you to read and sign, and then forward this email on to all of your Revere friends and family asking them to also sign it.  Please help us show that Revere is progressive and that we care about our community, the environment, and the ocean.



Elma Meskovic



Dear Editor:

Last week, members of my team at For Kids Only Afterschool and colleagues from across the Commonwealth came together at a special event to thank House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo for his support of quality early education and afterschool programs in the 2018 state budget.  His unwavering leadership was a crucial factor in securing a $28.4 Million Rate Increase for early education and afterschool programs that serve low-income youth; this is the largest single year rate investment in Massachusetts history.

Despite many demands on limited budget funds, Speaker Robert DeLeo has been and continues to be a champion for children’s programs. He knows that licensed, high-quality out-of-school time programs can do great things for disadvantaged youth and offer essential services for working families.  Further,

research has shown that well-trained, skilled and stable early childhood and afterschool educators are the most important contributing factor to program quality.

However, chronically low rates of state reimbursement for programs serving low-income youth have resulted in a 30% annual early educator staff turnover rate and an amazing 37% of early educators who must rely on some form of Public Assistance themselves due to low wages!  The 2018 rate reserve will now support and strengthen the early education and afterschool workforce. With funds

going to increase worker pay, the rate serve will be invaluable in keeping highly-qualified staff in programs and delivering the best quality programming possible.

Everyone at For Kids Only Afterschool – our Board, staff and families – is grateful for Speaker DeLeo’s commitment to supporting the dedicated early education and afterschool professionals who care for our most vulnerable children.

With gratitude,

Deborah Kneeland Keegan

Founder and Executive Director, For Kids Only Afterschool

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