Remembering Bob Haas

Amidst the usual commotion of the holiday season, we were remiss in failing to acknowledge in this column the recent dedication in the City Council Chambers of the portrait of Robert J. Haas Jr., our long-time mayor, City Council member, and friend.

Bob Haas will be remembered as one of the greatest and most-respected public servants in Revere’s history, among a group that includes George V. Colella, Ray Carey, Harry Della Russo, William Reinstein, and Tom Ambrosino.

His lengthy career in elective office — Bob served four terms as mayor in between a total of 27 years on the City Council — was a testament not only to his life-long commitment to our city, but also to the high regard in which he was held by the people of Revere, who voted him into office for a period of time spanning decades.

The deep respect that was evident for Bob at the dedication ceremony among his colleagues on the council, some of whom served with him for many years, proved the truth of the axiom that it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

One always knew where Bob Haas stood on an issue, but whether you agreed with him or not, no one could deny that the positions he took were based on a sincere belief that they were for the betterment of Revere and its citizenry. He may have expressed his points-of-view in a forceful manner, but he always was professional and courteous in his demeanor toward his colleagues and the public.

Bob Haas truly loved — and that is not too strong a word — Revere and its people. We trust that his portrait in the City Council Chamber will serve as an inspiration to office-holders and members of the public alike to follow his example of public service and dedication to the City of Revere.

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