Congratulations, RHS Powder Puff Team

We want to congratulate the Revere High Powder Puff team on its outstanding performance in the annual game against Winthrop that was played at Harry Della Russo Stadium.

Thanks to the perennial leadership of longtime coaches Dave Colella and Bob Lospennato, the Revere High Powder Powder experience (the weeks of practices culminating in the annual game on the weekend before Thanksgiving) is one that the seniors anticipate with enthusiasm and excitement for months and years in advance.

The game brings out the spirit of the senior class and there is a real sense of togetherness and determination in the practices. The coaches do a great job introducing the players to the strategy and intricacies of the game of football. For most of the players, it is their first organized flag football game.

This year’s team did not disappoint its many fans who came to Della Russo Stadium to cheer on the players in a game that serves as a fundraiser for the senior class.

Sparked by an early touchdown from basketball star Tatiana Iacoviello, the Revere seniors raced to a solid victory over their fellow seniors from Winthrop.

Players on both teams competed with sportsmanship and the event was a success.

The tradition of Revere-Winthrop Powder Puff Football continues and remains a fun and rewarding recreational experience for all who participate.

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