Shop in Revere on Small Business Saturday, Nov 25

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

It’s easy to name off big box stores, but it’s the small businesses thriving to keep Revere moving that people remember for years to come.

On this year’s Small Business Saturday, which takes place on Saturday, Nov. 25, small businesses within our community open their doors, as they always do, to shoppers. It’s time to support the fabric of the community and the bounty each shop has to offer.

“The purpose is to engage the community in supporting small business,” said Bob Upton, executive director of the Revere Chamber of Commerce.

Following a successful kickoff nationwide in 2011, participating businesses saw a 27-percent increase in sales.  The U.S. Senate passed a resolution in 2011 supporting Small Business Saturday. Since then many have come out to support Small Business Saturday.

The Revere Chamber of Commerce has been active in sponsoring and promoting Small Business Saturday events since 2015.

During the campaign, the Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring newspaper ads highlighting small business chamber members throughout the city and will be providing details about the details about the Small Business Saturday Tour in its upcoming “Chamber Chat” program on Revere TV.

Many of the small businesses in Revere are also members of the chamber of commerce which has about 175 members. One member who’s a small business owner is Carmen Mattuccio of Burnett and Moynihan Lumber. The business has been in existence since the 1930s.

Beach Sales and Kelly’s Roast Beef are other great examples of small businesses that have been long time members of the chamber.

On Saturday, Nov. 25, there will be a bus tour along with Santa with stops to 10 to 15 businesses. On starting with the Good Diner Café on Broadway.

Small Business Saturday began in 2010 by American Express as a way to highlight and showcase small businesses.

“Since its inception, Small Business Saturday has been a godsend for small businesses throughout the country. Each year we have run the campaign in the city, it gets bigger and better. This year will be no different. We are so proud and happy to be able to support the small Businesses in our city. They are the lifeblood of our communities,” said Upton.

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