Election 2017 is in the Books

By Stephen Quigley

Just when one thought that there would be a respite on election speculation for at least two months, on Wednesday morning, before the ballots were certified, rumors were already swirling from the Bagel Bin on Shirley Avenue to the offices at Revere City Hall about the 2018 state election and 2019 city election.

By 8 a.m. on last Wednesday morning, unnamed sources had announced that Rep. Roselee Vincent was not going to seek election, and that City Councillor Jessica Giannino was going to run for the seat.  As a leading candidate, these sources had Giannino elected, and that John Correggio would be on the city council as he was next in line if a vacancy occurred.

Well, in the harsh light of reality, Vincent immediately announced that she is definitely seeking re-election in 2018.  So much for rumors.

However, the election is over, and Revere voters returned all the incumbents on the City Council and the School Committee. Two familiar faces were also elected.  Former Mayor and City Councillor Dan Rizzo was returned to the City Council in great fashion as the top vote-getter, beating perennial, first-place finisher Jessica Giannino by more than 100 votes.

In the School Committee race, Gerry Visconti took the seat being vacated by retiring member Dan Maguire, besting Stephen Reardon by more than 200 votes..

The fact that all incumbents were returned, and in many races, by large margins, showed how pleased the voters were with the work of these office holders.

What it also showed is that while every race was contested, not a single councillor or School Committee member took their seat as a sure thing.

These office holders were out there working for the last four months.  As a matter of fact, two veterans of the City Council, Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso and Ward 5 Councillor John Powers ran spirited races, and took nothing for granted. These councillors worked like they were running for the first time.

Also, the strong, third-place finish of Steven Morabito showed that he is a more than viable candidate for future office if he so chooses.

Rounding out the council at-large spots were George Rotondo and Tony Zambuto.  Both candidates finished well ahead of their nearest rival by an almost two-to-one ratio.  For Zambuto, this starts his 22nd year on the City Council.

The School Committee race drew no surprises as the incumbents get ready to take on the task of applying for state grants to build a new high school.  Carol Tye topped the ticket followed by Mike Ferrante, Stacey Rizzo, Susan Gravellese and Fred Sannella.

With the election over, speculation will start for 2019 when Mayor Brian Arrigo will be seeking re-election to his second term.  It is far too early for most candidates to state what their plans will be in the coming two years.  However, John Correggio has stated that he is definitely in for a council at-large seat in 2019 and is out working for it now.

So much for a respite.

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