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Dear Editor:

The committee to elect John R. Correggio to the Revere City Council is honored to receive the “Bricklayers and Allied Craftsman Local Number 3” endorsement. The Bricklayers Union is a state of the art, local with an apprenticeship program many Revere residents have belonged to throughout the years.

The Bricklayers Local has become a productive member of our community. Being a Local 3 Bricklayer is a rewarding career for our young residents and John R. Correggio looks forward to along working relationship with Local 3 Bricklayers Union.

Your vote for John R. Correggio to the Revere City Council will ensure that Revere residents will be able to participate in the apprenticeship program to learn a trade both at work and in the classroom and, to earn an income significantly more than minimum wage.

John R. Correggio believes the Bricklayers Union produces a skilled trade person for Revere working families and John, is committed to the Bricklayers Union being represented on the Revere City Council.

Here is what Charles Raso, of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen, has to say about John R. Correggio endorsement from Local Number 3 to be elected to the Revere City Council.

Dear John;

Since we recognize that you are truly a defender and a dedicated worker for peace, social justice and equality for working men and women, the Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Union Local 3 strongly and proudly endorse John R. Correggio for the Revere City Council. We pledge our friendship, our support and our hard work in making your election a success.


Charles Raso



Dear Editor:

There’s a mole in the building and I don’t mean “mold”. Oh and by the way, City Hall is leaking and is there a mold complaint? While I sympathize because I do agree City Hall is a dump and deserves repair and upgrade, I do think whining about leaks and mold and people’s health seems that I’ve heard that before. Oh, DPW is drowning with leaks through electricity and mold and rat poo holding the building up and seems to me that they are first in line to get health and safety relief since they’ve been complaining the longest and are most dire! Wait in line City Hall or use some of that free cash, but not before fixing DPW!

This mayor and his administration is continually throwing up Hail Mary passes without praying Hail Mary first!  At last week’s council meeting, the Mayor stood there for a half hour bashing the former administration rather than bolstering his own.

I’ve never heard the word “transparent” uttered so many times, and in my opinion he is the least transparent mayor when it comes to answering questions posed to him and the least transparent at hiding his motives? But to people who have figured out his schtick, he is the ultimate transparent soul in City Hall. Revere Deserves Better.

The next Mayoral election can’t come fast enough and God help that next Mayor fix the destruction to the “we the people” confidence that this mayor has done in a one and a half years of his short administration.

By the way, I’ve created two tickets to the new 311 system, formerly known as Click It Fix It just to ask the procedure in ousting the sitting mayor. Both times my tickets were deleted, not closed, deleted!!!

Censorship at it best and yes of course I save copies! Revere Deserves Better

Patricia ‘Pat” Melchionno aka Patiola!

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