Councillors Seek Answers on Wonderland

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The city council has lost its patience with the owners of Wonderland Dog Track, not just over the condition of the property but the thousands of cars being parked at Wonderland from rental car agencies and car dealerships.

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers was fuming as he demanded the owners appear before the city council to provide some answers.

CBW Lending, LLC, owners of the Wonderland Property were issued a special permit issued by the Revere City Council. This permit allows for the operation of a commercial automotive storage and parking facility.

“I want the owners here in the next two weeks,” Powers said.

The permit holder gets $25 a day for each car parked at Wonderland. Powers said they are bringing a $1 million a year and the city is not getting any of it.

“Let’s stop Wonderland from racking in hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Powers said. “How about a share of the revenue.”

Councillor George Rotondo said up to 4,000 cars are parked there.

“I heard it was Avis, Budget and another group,” Rotondo said. “They’ve never come before the council for a pass off. Call G&J Towing and get every car out of there.”

“There’s a chain of cars going in and out of there all night,” Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso said. “It’s a violation of the zoning. We’re trying to improve the property not let it go down.”

Council President Robert Haas said there was a motion a year ago to address the same problem.

“It’s an insult to the city council and all of us,” Haas said. “They do not have a license to store cars.”

Owners did receive a special permit on June 30, 2015 and it has since expired.

“We’re getting fleeced as a city,” Rotondo said.

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