Beach Sales Has Been the Go to Store for 70 Years

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Putting the customer first is the key to the success story at Beach Sales on VFW Parkway. Since 1947 when people were buying typewriters to today when people purchase entire kitchens, Beach Sales celebrating its 70th anniversary this month, has been a fixture in Revere.

Beach Sales was founded by Sumner Freedman on Shirley Avenue. It was after World War II and Freedman was a veteran of the Navy. He repaired typewriters and sold greeting cards alongside his wife Selma. Later watches and jewelry were added to the store. The shop stayed on Shirley Avenue until the 1980s when it moved to VFW Parkway. With the new location came new merchandise, photography equipment, small appliances and televisions.

Owners, and brothers-in-law Alan Belinfante and Howie Freedman carry on the business and the stories that come with a 70-year-old, family owned business. Fifteen employees help them attain success. Both men were born and raised in Revere and are deeply routed in the community.

“When color TVs came out there were two in the state,” Belinfante explained. “One was in the Museum of Science and the other was in my father-in-laws living room in Revere.”

Today the business draws local customers and those around the surrounding area. The advent of the internet and ordering items has helped the business expand. Now the 10,000 square foot facility showcases and warehouses large appliances, flat screen televisions and kitchen design services.

“We services all of New England but our roots are placed firmly in Revere,” Belinfante said. “We always treat the customer with respect and dignity whether they buy something for $5 or $2,000.”

Service, quality and and products people need helps Beach Sales compete with the big box stores. Beach Sales also does a lot of work with municipal and commercial customers.

Belinfante explained that back in 1989 Beach Sales joined a purchasing coop to help the business to compete. The coop itself does $300 million in sales, supplementing businesses like Beach Sales.

During its anniversary year Beach Sales is also doing a monthly giveaway and people can register for it by going to the shop’s website

Beach Sales will receive a proclamation from the city council Monday night.

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