Councillors Debate Parking Ban

Parking has become a major issue in Revere.  Many neighborhoods, especially Beachmont and around the Shirley Avenue, were established long before families had three or four cars. The streets were not designed to hold long cars or trucks and many houses were built that have no driveways for parking.

City Councillors on Monday debated the implementation of a parking ban on commercial vehicles or charging for a special commercial permit.

We can relate to many small business owners who have no choice but to park their truck or trucks on the street, as their home has no off-street parking.

However, simply putting into place a permit fee for commercial vehicles may not be the answer because many contractors undoubtedly will pay the price of a few hundred dollars.

However, this will not solve the parking problem as there is only a limited number of street spaces and a larger number of cars to use these spaces.

Further discussion is what is needed. A parking permit may be a good first step, but it will not solve the problem in the long term.

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