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Let’s have a discussion on marijuana clinics

Dear Editor,

The City of Lynn passed an ordinance earlier this year regarding the siting of two medical marijuana clinics. They would be allowed in the following locations:

The non-waterfront side of the Lynnway from Market Street to the General Edwards Bridge, two sites on Commercial Street and all properties on Route 107 from the Belden Bly Bridge to the intersection of Western and Murphy Avenues.

It is not a coincidence that both the General Edwards Bridge and the Belden Bly Bridge sit on the border between Lynn and Revere and are well traveled roadways with MBTA bus service.

I understand that Revere residents have concerns about siting marijuana clinics within our city limits, but with the passage of Question 4 in November, recreational marijuana is soon to be legal.

We were a city ready to embrace a casino that would potentially bring crime, traffic woes, and social ills in the name of tax dollars and jobs. Shouldn’t we at least have thoughtful conversations about the benefits Revere might reap from marijuana clinics?

Revere residents will be buying marijuana for both medicinal use and recreational use. They can purchase it within city limits, allowing Revere to benefit, or they can step over the Lynn line and spend their money there leaving us with no revenue that might help mitigate any possible adverse impact. We need to think about that.

Loretta LaCentra

John Avenue


Colella express their thanks

Dear Revere

City Council,

It is with the utmost appreciation that we thank you all for your vote to recognize George V. Colella’s dedication to Revere.  We were overwhelmed with gratitude when the vote was unanimous, and especially enjoyed hearing your own personal stories about him.  In these days of political division and turmoil, it was indeed an honor and a pleasure to see everyone come together for the purpose of honoring our Dad.  Again, thank you all, and the happiest of holidays to you and your families.

Joan Colella Bullock

Jennifer Colella Martelli

Liz Colella Kirk


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