Letters to the Editor

Election DAY thank you

Dear Editor:

I would like to publicly thank the following individual’s for working so hard to ensure the success of the last six State Elections; Mayor Brian M. Arrigo, Election Board Members: Robert N. Scrima, John V. Cammarata, Elizabeth Dixon, Election Staff member Caitlin C. Welch, Election help: Margaret Peroni, Nadine Peroni, Nadine Tuzzalino, Cheyenne Gibney, Denise Wencis, Rosemarie DeFelice, Francesca Scalese, Crystal Ocasio Lopez, Police Chief Joseph Cafarelli, Captain James Guido and Captain Terence K. Reardon, the Revere Police Department, Fire Chief Chris Bright, the Revere Fire Department, DPW Superintendent Donald Goodwin, and his staff Paul Argenzio, Ken Pressley, Bob Rotondo, Brian Mucci, Michael Cecere, Anthony DeAngelis, Robert Delgreco, Stephen Penta, Joseph DeMattio, Joseph Maglione, Joseph Lake, Christopher Fabiano, Dr. Dianne Kelly, Superintendent, Revere Public Schools and her staff Steve Spinale, Stephen D’Apolito, Barbara Lospennato, Michael Stuart, and John Lyons, James L. Milinazzo, Director, Revere Housing and his staff, Michael Hinojosa, Director, Revere Youth Center and Sally Vranos and Charles J. Giuffrida, Father George Butera, Pastor St. Anthony’s Church and his staff Charlie Kelly, Gerald A. Amore, Director, American Legion Building, and to all of the dedicated Election Officials who worked on Election Day.  Lastly, the management at the Lighthouse Nursing Care Center, The VFW Post #6712, and the Jack Satter House for allowing us to use their community rooms on Election Day.  The Election Board members are extremely grateful for all of your efforts.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

 Diane R. Colella

Customer service should be key

Dear Editor :

In a changing city with a young new mayor we have the same old problems. City of Revere taxes and water bills are at an all time high, yet city services are also at an all time low. Have you seen your new water bills that no one can explain at city hall? Bills that are double the usage in a third of the time – amazing. How about city infrastructure repairs (ie: new water lines). Yes it is fiscally responsible to accept the lowest bid but is it the best decision?

The example for this is R & D Site Development, who is installing new water lines in several neighborhoods in the city under the Engineering Department.

In my opinion, this company and it’s employees think that the residents of this city are here for their convenience. Staging materials are allegedly throughout the neighborhood with no thought for the people who live there and have to deal with this prolonged project.  I’m not sure why our elected and appointed officials seem to think that we get what we pay for. I would pay more to get what we deserve and that is quality city services and great customer service. As we continue to look for opportunities for not just our city but ourselves, I think we need to keep in mind that the citizens of Revere are in charge of our future not the entrenched self serving political system that would have you believe otherwise. As we move forward I hope those that have been entrusted to serve our city will look at the services and contractors that work for our city and realize that it’s more than a cost issue but a quality of life issue that needs to guide their decision making process. I wish us all the best this holiday season and best wishes in the New Year.

Dempsie Zandt

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