Council Tackles Canine Issues

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The city council may be going to dogs, addressing kennels and other canine concerns such as an increase in pit bull ownership, breeding, unlicensed dogs, loose dogs and abandoned dogs.

Asst. Animal Control and Revere Police Officer Julie Malvarosa shared how some people have been cited numerous times for illegal activity. She showed a picture of a dog she recently rescued: skinny, abused, malnourished. She also noted two investigations at two addresses, a shed set up as a kennel at Arcadia St. with six pit bulls and another case at Argyle St.

City Councillor Anthony Zambuto worked with City Clerk Ashley Melnik to revise the zoning ordinance addressing kennels and where they can go in the city. The ordinance makes the city law more in tune with the state law for the definition of a kennel. In addition there is a $500 per day fine. Dog owners are allowed three dogs at a single address.

Under the proposed ordinance a kennel would be allowed in the RB zoning district with a special permit which includes membership of a purebred dog organization, Amercian Kennel Club (AKC) participation, and more.

Councillor Ira Novoselsky said he opposes kennels in a two-family zone like he lives in. He noted that this ordinance pertains to show dogs.

Zambuto said bringing the ordinance up to par with state law “is not self-serving” and addresses illegal breeding. He added that he will not vote on the ordinance.

Councillor Robert Haas Jr. doesn’t want any kennels in residential neighborhoods. He relayed how a “neighbor (of his daughter’s),” referring to Zambuto, had dogs and how they barked all the time. Zambuto is an owner of show dogs and said the ordinance isn’t about barking dogs. The kennel issue is slated to be heard in a public hearing.

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