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An explanation is owed

Dear Editor;

It’s not often that people call me about what’s on Facebook. I’m not a Facebook zombie that’s constantly updating their online status. Yes, I do enjoy some things on Facebook such as Richard Sargent’s morning photos, Bonnie Solomon’s “punks corner” stories, Secret six updates from Tom Yourawski, and my brother Ed Abrams.

So, I was told to go to Revere City Councilor Steve Morabito’s Facebook page to view Senate Bill S. 1135 that he is promoting. Councilor Morabito has posted this senate bill, sponsored by State Senator Jamie Eldridge. This bill is anti-police and anti-Kate’s Law. Kate’s Law is named in honor of Kate Stenie of San Francisco who was murdered by an illegal immigrant that was deported five times and set free by the city of San Francisco. Why is Councilor Morabito supporting a senate bill that supports no punishment for illegal immigrants that commit horrendous crimes?

This bill stops law enforcement from questioning anyone or to detain anyone. It prevents law enforcement from doing their jobs. The City of Revere has worked hard to reduce crime by 19 percent in just the past few years. This has not been an easy task. If you go by the corner of Ocean Avenue and Shirley Avenue, you will notice a Memorial of George Azarian. George Azarian was run down by a hit and run driver, who by the way was an illegal immigrant. The driver who hit and killed Mr. Azarian tried to flee the country, but fortunately was captured by the Massachusetts State Police. George Azarian was Councillor Morabito’s neighbor. He lived in his ward. The Senate bill that Councilor Morabito supports clearly states, “law enforcement officials in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts shall not make arrests or detain any individual based on an administrative immigration warrant.”

Councilor Morabito owes the City of Revere and the family and friends of the late George Azarian an explanation.

Nothing or no one should ever prohibit law enforcement agencies from preventing these types of crimes anywhere in the USA, or here in Revere. I can appreciate Councillor Morabito’s young life style, his fashion, and his sense of humor, but his support regarding Senate Bill S. 1135 is anti-law enforcement, anti-senior citizen, anti-family and anti-Revere.

Hal Abrams


Praises Revere Fire Department staff

Dear Editor,

I want to thank and praise some wonderful Revere firefighters; they are Mr. Roosa, Mr. Stankovski and Mr. Lasala.

On President’s day (Feb. 15), I had just returned home and within minutes a pipe broke in my attic. The water came pouring down through my kitchen ceiling. I ran down and turned off the water in the cellar. The water kept coming and my buckets were too small to accommodate the water.

I called my electrician and plumber to no avail, due to the holiday. Even my family was all away (school vacation). My tenants gave me a large storage container, which helped a lot. I was worried about the electricity, etc. I needed help so I called Revere Fire Dept., not sure if they could help me.

Well, within minutes they were here, they took over everything. They took down my ceiling fan and light and disconnected the wire, found the broken pipe and told me what to do before my electrician could come. They told me not to use electricity in the kitchen until the electrician came.

I can’t say enough about how they worked so well together. They explained everything to me; I am a senior and spoke slowly so that I understood everything. They certainly calmed my nerves.

Thanks again fellows!

We are so lucky to have such great firemen!

Regina Daley


I’d like to thank my great neighbor Pat Guarino, who after they left, he came with his water vacuum and got rid of the excess water.

Thanks again, Pat.

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