Thinking Out Loud:Tolerating Everything but Free Speech

By Sal Giarratani

Sadly, America is no longer the same America that our Founding Fathers thought they created back in 1776 . All of them must be rolling over in the graves looking at the politically correct regiment knocking down what they said or tearing down statues in their honor. The progressives are acting more like Mussolini-like brown shirts in their quest to cleanse America of its past sins.

Our Constitution has been under attack for some time now and the Bill of Rights might as well have been written on a roll of toilet paper if you listen to liberal politicians, activists and media types.

Only “Black Lives Matter” can say or do anything and get away with it as free speech. Everyone else better be careful because if liberals had their way, we all would be headed to re-education camps for being intolerant and not diverse enough in our opinions.

A young coed at Revere High School got into a heap of trouble by Tweeting out her opinion that Revere was being overrun with illegal immigrants and it was having an effect on voter turnout. She got punished for using her freedom of speech, a Constitutional right we all are supposed to have but I guess when you say something that might offend someone else, I guess the Bill of Rights is null and void.

I hope this young girl’s parents take the City of Revere to court for what they did to this young woman expressing her opinion. She is being called a racist and her life has been turned into hell. The City of Revere should be ready to write a big amount on the check they will be sending out for how they so badly acted.

America is a good country and the only way it can remain that way is never to forget why we fought the War for Independence against Britain. We fought a revolution to ensure that we were a government of law and not of men or women.

US Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, a noted liberal jurist, once remarked about free speech by saying the answer to what some might say was bad free speech is more free speech. He understood the principle that you can’t just send folks to diversity training because you disagree with them.

This is America, at least it was when I just looked out my window. We don’t need Mussolini liberals telling us what to say or not to say.

Is it any wonder that Donald Trump stays on top in the presidential polls. He speaks for an America that Thomas Jefferson would have recognized.

America today more and more seems like a nation off its anchor; lost in a sea of confusion. We better stay clear of the rocks.

When we remember where we came from and how we got here, America will be America again.

Sal Giarratani is a columnist for the Charlestown Patriot Bride and the North End Regional Review

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