Councillors Send Letter to Wynn

Three city councillors, serving on Economic Development Subcommittee, voted to send a letter to Wynn, LLC for a job fair and vendor fair for Revere residents, despite a request from the mayor to protect the city’s litigation position.

Now the council will seek an opinion from the Attorney General on what can be discussed in open session. The city is currently involved in litigation with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and not Wynn, LLC.

Last week Councilors Brian Arrigo, Jessica Giannino, Robert Haas Jr. and Stephen Morabito made a motion to send the letter and the motion was sent to the sub-committee. The day after that Mayor Dan Rizzo sent a letter to the council stating that he has sought a legal opinion from the city’s legal counsel.

In the letter Rizzo stated that any discussion of the motion had to take place in executive session (closed doors) in order to protect the city’s litigation position.

Monday night when the council met Councillor Anthony Zambuto told his fellow councillors that if anyone discussed the motion they would be subject to deposition. Arrigo stated that the host community agreement with Monhegan Sun was “null and void.” Zambuto disagreed. Arrigo suggested the issue be sent to the Attorney General.

Zambuto said the litigation was jeopardized by speaking about it. Council President John Powers said the council should get a written opinion for the Attorney General.

“Send a letter for a job fair,” said Council candidate George Rotondo. “How does that influence mitigation or litigation. You’re just asking for a job fair.”

Councilor Charles Patch asked what the problem was besides being political.

“We want answers, the administration responded,” he said.

“We’re saying we ought to talk to Wynn about a job fair that other communities have,” Arrigo said.

“We have conflicting opinions. Let’s get a letter from the attorney general,” Powers said. “This is not to question the opinion of the city attorney.”

The subcommittee voted 3-2 to approve getting an opinion from the attorney general.

Zambuto offered a minority report stating that sending a letter was counterproductive.

“To have a job fair is not worth the paper it’s on,” Zambuto said. “This is completely political.”

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