Congratulations to Tom Ambrosino

 Those of us who followed Tom Ambrosino’s tenure as mayor of Revere for 12 years were not surprised that the Chelsea City Council so overwhelmingly selected him as its new city manager this week.

Ambrosino was chosen from a large field of candidates who applied and there were many other individuals who inquired about the position. After a process that involved interviews by the screening committee and the Council, Ambrosino was the choice, a nod to his outstanding qualifications and municipal experience, as well as his immense academic credentials.

We join Revere residents in offering our congratulations to Tom on this prestigious appointment as the municipal leader of Chelsea. The manager is in charge of the day-to-day operations of all aspects of Chelsea city government and the overseer of a $150 million budget, so it is a tremendous responsibility that Tom is about to assume.

There is no doubt that Tom is ready for this new challenge, having demonstrated his capabilities in leading the tremendous growth and progress that Revere made during his highly productive years in office. Tom points proudly to the four new, state-of-the-art schools that were constructed while he was mayor.  Revere students receiving a quality, well-rounded education was a priority in the Tom Ambrosino Administration and the former mayor is quick to deflect credit to retiring Superintendant. of School Dr. Paul Dakin for his efforts in making Revere’s school system a national model.

The rejuvenation of the Wonderland Station area and the creation of the necessary infrastructure for that project – along with the opening of the Wonderland pedestrian bridge – which he oversaw – are other prideful accomplishments during Tom’s reign as mayor.

Tom is a credit to the Revere school system, having graduated from Revere High School, where his former English teacher, Carol Tye was a great influence on his life, instilling in him the joys of reading and the importance of a good, sound education.

Tom, who was a member of the National Honor Society at Revere High, graduated from Boston University before earning admission to Harvard Law School. He served on the Revere School Committee and the Revere City Council before making a successful run for Mayor in 1999. For 12 years, he flourished in his role as the leader of Revere, bringing positive publicity and statewide recognition to the city.

Importantly, upon his decision to leave the corner office, Tom left the city’s coffers with more than $2 million dollars in free cash that allowed his successor, Mayor Dan Rizzo, a more certain path to continue Revere to additional excellence.

Tom Ambrosino is a great choice for Chelsea. We have no doubt he will continue the progress made by former Chelsea city manager Jay Ash.

We wish Tom Ambrosino well and we know we’ll be seeing him as he and Mayor Rizzo work collaboratively on regional issues affecting both communities.

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