Councillors Want Future Snow Plan

REVERE – It’s been said that this winter is of historical proportions – historic snow, historic cold and historic spending on snow removal. No one has a crystal ball to see if it could all happen again, but if it does the City Council wants the city to have a well-defined plan.

Councillor Ira Novoselsky presented two motions Monday night. The first is for the mayor, superintendent of public works, police chief and fire chief to work out a comprehensive snow removal plan for fiscal year 2016 to include one-sided parking throughout the city on even-side parking or even-year. The second motion is for the city to adopt emergency artery designations to the easterly side of North Shore Road between Revere Beach Parkway and Butler Circle.

“We need a lot of input,” Novolselsky said.

Councillor Robert Haas Jr. was bothered by the plowing techniques used by private contractors. He said they plowed down the middle of the street one-way and turned around and plowed down the middle of the street the other way.

“If they are instructed on how to plow it would benefit us all,” Haas said. “We need to address the overall process.”

Councillor Arthur Guinasso said he understands how hard it is to plow when cars are parked on both sides of the street. He made a hand motion like a snake making its way through.

“We have to do a workshop with plow drivers and give the city a plan,” he said. “One individual wanted curb to curb plowing.”

Just about every street in the city has become a one-way, said Councillor  Brian Arrigo. He added that the Department has about 15 employees who were working 24-hours straight.

“We need to hold the private contractors accountable,” he said. “Many of the Revere contractors went out of town because the pay was better.”

Councillor Stephen Reardon said the storms of the last few weeks have served as a wake-up call.

“We need to plan for this kind of event,” he said. “We need a protocol to close streets and eliminate parking.”

As a former police officer, Councillor Charles Patch said he has seen the growth in the neighborhoods and the increase cars on the side streets.

“There’s just too many cars,” he said.

City Council President John Powers said they also need to look into fire hydrant identification, blue lights on poles to alert residents to parking bans, equipment and towing.

In other snow related business, Councillor Jessica Giannino is going after Globe Media again for its horrible delivery practices. Because the free ads are tossed in driveways, walkways and bushes several people incurred broken snowblowers from the ads jamming and breaking the blower.

Guinasso wants the company to come in before the council and discuss the problem. Novolselsky said he wants to see the company fined for littering. The council will work on getting Globe Direct in. In the meantime residents can contact Globe Direct to complain or unsubscribe. Call 1-800-591-8802 or email them at [email protected]. The distribution manager, Dawn Paradise, may also be contacted at 1-508-871-1934 or email at [email protected]

Sue Woodcock can be at [email protected]

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